My new pregnancy blogger is …


My new pregnancy blogger is … Cristi aka Keep Wild Kid .

She has previously blogged for me before, with her pregnancy with Theo. I’m so pleased to welcome her back.

20 week blog

The female body will never cease to amaze me. The way it grows adapts and transforms ~ it quite literally blooms, all to accommodate a tiny little life developing inside. My body is definitely changing and now that we have made it to the ‘half way’ point I am noticing more subtle changes such as increased energy levels, soft blonde hairs glistening on my tummy and increased hunger! Those sweet little flutters inside my tummy have been getting stronger each week, it’s such a joy to feel and a great way to involve my two children in this pregnancy.


We have finally told friends and family that we are expecting another little wildling in Autumn. I can’t believe we made it half-way before telling everyone, it wasn’t really planned that way – I just enjoyed going with the flow this time and it felt really good to enjoy the journey at our own pace. I also look and feel very pregnant now, my walking gait has developed into a slightly laid back waddle and can I no longer use my core to get up!

This will be my third baby. My two children (2yr old boy and 5yr old girl) are very excited to meet their baby brother or sister. We have tried to explain the baby will come just before the pumpkins are pulled up from the ground for Halloween.

This pregnancy is very different from my previous pregnancies because we are choosing not to find out the gender this time. I can’t wait to find out if we have a little son-shine or star-girl on the day we greet them earth-side.

As mentioned in my previous blog I have been journaling consistently each week. It’s been such a cathartic process and a beautiful way to document our journey together. I have also started to get a few things ready for when baby #3 arrives in autumn. Pre-loved sale sites have been really helpful and third time around I know I only really need the basics (cloth nappies, Moses basket, bed-nest/next to me cot for co-sleeping and sweet little sleep suits that I managed to pick up 30 for £13!)

It all feels very real now. The weeks are rushing by at such a pace, I wish I could slow the time down and enjoy it all for a little while longer. I am so grateful for this pregnancy, I never take it for granted. I feel very blessed to be carrying this little life inside my womb ~ I am also learning a lot about myself as we continue to grow together.

Check back soon for another blog from Cristi. you can read my other blogs here.