MLBU Birth Story  this is Rachael’s last guest blog for me !


I’m so pleased I get to share this story with you my MLBU Birth Story. I have waited nearly 5 years for what I’d call ‘the birth I’d dreamt of’ and I still can’t quite believe it finally happened.


I had been practicing hypnobirthing and found a fantastic online resource from The Positive Birth Company. The Digital Pack is essentially an online hypnobirthing course (for only £32!!) and includes loads of information and a selection of MP3’s too. I really can’t recommend it enough.


This little baby had been teasing me with Braxton Hicks for about 35 weeks. A good couple of times per week I’d be wondering if I was in early labour, but alas he hung on until 39+5!


On Wednesday 2nd March my Braxton Hicks started in the morning as usual so I didn’t think much of it. I took my eldest to the nursery and had my youngest at home. As the day progressed the Braxton Hicks didn’t stop as they would normally do.  I felt a bit ‘off’ but carried on with the day as normal thinking it was just another ‘false alarm’.


By about 3.30pm I had started to think it may be something more. They hadn’t died down, so I arranged with my Mum for her to have my elder two for tea and overnight ‘just in case’. I apologised to her for the possible false alarm and said I was quite sure I’d be collecting them in the morning still pregnant!! Once Hubby was home with my eldest, my Dad popped over to collect them leaving Hubby and I to work out what was going on.


It was about 5 pm by this point so we sat and watched tv, ate some food and generally chilled out. By about 6.30pm/7pm I really felt things might be happening. I wasn’t especially uncomfortable but I was now ‘contracting’ every 10 minutes or so. I went and had a laydown and actually had a bit of a snooze!


I woke up around 9pm and called Hubby up to say that I was pretty sure this was it. Things were a bit uncomfortable and still reasonably regular.  I called MLBU just so we were on their radar. I explained to them that I’d never had a ‘normal’ labour and that I actually felt like I had awful trapped wind more than contractions . They suggested I went in to get checked over. We made our way to the MLBU arriving at about 10.30pm.


After chatting with the midwives for a bit I accepted an examination which indicated I was around 3cm dilated and was definitely going to be having a baby, not just a massive fart! In fact the midwife said she thought it would be about 5-6 hours given the ‘feel’ of my cervix. With that she sent us for a wander around the hospital.


Only 15 minutes later things really had become a lot more intense,  we headed back to the safe ‘nest’ of MLBU. The midwife observed me for a while and offered to run the pool but I chose to stay out of the water initially and use the ball.  I didn’t want to have to get back out of the water once I was settled.

We switched on my positive affirmations MP3, the lights were low and beautiful twinkly lights were projected around the room. It was like a spa!


Not long afterwards, the midwife clearly saw that things were progressing and offered to run the pool again, which I accepted this time. My contractions were intense and powerful and I was in the depths of my hypnobirthing headspace. Once I had got into the pool we notified our birth photographer that things were happening. it was at this point I had my ‘panic’, a typical sign of transition. I said to the midwife I thought I might need some ‘extra help’ (gas & air) and she simply said ‘nah…you’ve got this’ and that was the end of that – haha!


I hadn’t been in the pool long before I said I could feel the baby descending. I could feel the familiar pressure in my bum, you know that lovely ‘I need a poo’ feeling. I said to the midwife that I needed a wee and so I stood up to get out of the pool…with that my baby quickly decided he was in fact coming and coming now. I never made it for a wee!


My body went into primal animalistic mode and the involuntary fetal ejection reflex started. It is such an incredibly powerful and intense experience (and I still maintain it’s not painful!). This stage didn’t last long at all really and before I knew it I could feel babies head crowning. I just kept thinking ‘I can’t believe I’m in the pool!’.


With my previous two babies their bodies had been born with one contraction, so I was a little shocked that after his head had been born that his body took two pushes – I remember thinking ‘oh…he is quite big then’ – haha!


Once he had been born he was guided though my legs to my front and I moved so I could bring him up to my chest. We stayed right there, me, hubby and our baby until his cord had stopped pulsating and the placenta had been passed. It really was perfect.


I still cannot believe I got the birth of my dreams. I am immensely proud of myself, not only for achieving a drug and intervention free birth (having had very medicalised births previously), but also for birthing an 8lb 15oz baby with no pain relief!


Thank you all for sharing this journey for me – here is my beautiful boy Huxley Jon Cole, born 03.35am on 3rd May 2018, weighing 8lb 15oz.