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With my newphew being born it got me thinking back to that exciting time of packing your hopsital bag. I hope my blog gives you some guidance , and if you complete the form link below . i’ll send you your own free checklist and baby’s first milestone card !



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Wondering what to pack in your maternity hospital bag?


When your waters break and your contractions begin, it can be all too easy to panic and head straight to the hospital without packing all of the essentials. Though there are few things you can’t live without while giving birth, having a few accessories on hand can make a big difference to your delivery experience. To help ensure you have everything you need for your upcoming birth, we’ve put together a list of the most important essentials.




Having a ready supply of comfortable clothes available will help to make your hospital stay a lot more pleasant. For a start, you’ll need some pyjamas, some big knickers, comfortable trousers and some slippers. It’s a good idea to bring a couple of changes of clothing just in case your labour is lengthy.




 There are lots of accessories that will come in handy while you’re in labour and giving birth. Some of the most important are maternity pads and breast pads as these will help you to stay clean and comfortable once the baby has arrived. You’ll also need to bring your phone and charger so you can keep friends and family updated on your progress and take photos of your bundle of joy.

Hairbands and hair clips are great for keeping your hair out of your face and keeping you cool while you’re in labour. You’ll need a hair brush to ensure you look your best when you take that first all-important mum and baby snap. Something else that a lot of people overlook is money for the car park. If you get your ticket stamped you’ll pay just £3 for your stay, however you’ll still need the change to pay with.


Food and drink

 If you have a C-section, peppermint tea is a great way to relieve the pain of trapped gas. You’ll also need snacks and water on hand to keep you fuelled during your hospital stay. Remember that dads won’t be fed or watered so your partner will need to bring their own supplies.



 Being able to have a wash during a long labour makes you feel a lot better. Bring along some shampoo, conditioner and soap and a towel to dry off with. As you may not have time to take a shower, it’s not a bad idea to bring some dry shampoo along with you as well. Some women find that their lips become very dry during labour. Bring a bit of lip balm to hospital to soothe your lips if they become chapped.


Supplies for baby


Once your baby arrives they’ll need their own set of supplies. The most important things to have at this point are nappies, a blanket, baby grows, vests, cotton wool and a car seat so you can get them home safely.


After a few days with your newborn, you may want to think about capturing this special time with a photo shoot. It’s not always too late for me to squeezee you in, so please give me a call/ email .


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happy packing xx



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