Jess asked me to share a little bit about the life coaching that I offer to mums and a few tips to help with the juggling act of parenthood.

My name is Sam James and I am a Life Coach here in Norwich. I am passionate about helping mums to thrive and flourish as a woman and whatever roles that involves. I work with you to understand what makes you tick, what is important to you, and how to start designing your life to be the perfect fit for you and your family!

My Top Life Coaching Tips for Tired Parents:

Find time to be Grateful

Take some time every day to think of something that you are grateful for or that makes you happy (especially important when you haven’t had much sleep or have had a bad day!). It can help to have a physical object as a reminder – I have a butterfly shaped stone to remind me (but it can be anything that you will see or touch every day)

Work out what your family priorities are

You can use these to ground you, and use as a benchmark when making tough decisions. This will help you make the decision that is right for you and not the decision everyone else thinks is the right one for you!

Have some regular ‘me’ time

To do something that is about you and not about being mummy, to look after yourself

Be realistic

What ‘jobs’ can you really achieve with a young baby / toddler in tow all day? If you’re realistic, then you can enjoy your day without feeling guilty about everything else you ‘should’ be doing.

Write a Quick List

Have a ‘Quick’ list of jobs that you can do if you get the odd few minutes spare (e.g. an email or phone call). These jobs are not urgent things though, so it doesn’t matter if you get to the end of the day and they aren’t done. But when you do tick them off you can count that as an achievement for the day!

Forget about Should

If the reason you are doing something is because you ‘should’, question if it is something that you need to do or want to do?


I hope these tips help you as a busy parent !


About Sam James Coaching

Sam James Life Coach NorfolkI found life coaching was just what I needed when I was pregnant with my son and throughout those early years, enabling me to be confident in the choices I made (and there are so many choices as a parent!). That is why I love to offer life coaching in an affordable package, both individually and in small groups, in Norwich and surrounding areas.

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