Imaginary Deedee goes to the park: The journey behind the book:

Guest Blog by Serena Fordham


On Thursday 16th July I was at a woman’s only networking group and a conversation sparked between myself and the super talented artist Missy Dunning, which marked the next chapter in my life as a writer.

During this conversation, we both realised we each shared half of a dream – one to write a children’s book, and the other to illustrate one!

That day I went home and decided I wanted to live the dream, so I messaged Missy to see if she was interested in making the dream a reality – and her answer was a straight forward ‘hell yea’!!!

The idea for ‘Imaginary Deedee goes to the park’ came a few months prior to this, when my beautiful daughter Ella was playing on the park with her imaginary best friend Deedee.  At the time I blushed when she was explaining to a fellow mother that Deedee had pink hair and a purple dress – but then I realised that Ella’s make believe-friend would be an ideal character for a book.

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After jotting down this vision that evening, the words lay untouched in my notebook, almost forgotten, as I just saw it as a far-out dream that was not achievable – after all I could write the book comfortably, but what did I know about publishing a book?

[The answer was absolutely diddly squat!]

So I had the idea, the confidence to write, and now a gifted illustrator on board…I even started looking into self-publishing, which didn’t seem as scary as I first thought…nothing was going to hold me back now!

I’ve written, edited, and marketed the book to the max, and every word, image, space and exclamation mark has been created with passion!

The launch and joint Make-A-Wish Foundation fundraiser is set for Saturday 14th November 2015 12:30-3pm at Spixworth Village Hall.  The theme is a typical kids party, so why not come along and bring your children, stuff yourself with cake and sweeties, dance to the party tunes…


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and help me celebrate my dream becoming a reality!

Please find full details on my Facebook page or at the events page where you can also preorder your copy.

I just hope my biggest critic Ella loves the story as much as her mummy does!