Welcome to your Newborn Photography Session


Quite often, your Newborn Session will be the first little outing with your brand new bundle and, as such, it can sometimes feel overwhelming

Here’s a little guide that’s going to help me walk you through a newborn photoshoot, so you know exactly what to expect. And remember: capturing beautiful moments for you is absolutely important, but possibly even more important is to ensure that you and your baby are safe, happy and relaxed during the whole experience. Whatever question or doubt you have… get in touch!


Step One: Prep!

When it comes to posing and taking photos for a newborn session, having a more natural and free flowing approach warrants the best, and most memorable poses.

During the session, you will notice that we never “force” the baby into a particular pose. We let his body lead us into creating beautiful images and we transition from one pose to the other with small, smooth, movements.

But, of course, you might have already fallen in love with specific images that you have seen on my website… so prior to the session, we will have time to discuss your favorite shots!

We can never guarantee that the baby will be happy in a specific pose, but planning the session together will ensure we can make the most out of your time in the studio.

Step Two: Beginning of the session!

For the safety of the baby, and to be able to capture all of the details you love, it is important that we get the baby to settle and relax. 

Some babies will do that immediately and sleep through the session, some will take more time and will need a top-up feed half way: as a photographer (and mum!) I have learned to read their body language during the session to determine how relaxed the baby is at any time during the session – and avoid using poses that could be unsafe or uncomfortable.


Of course, prior to the session, we will have plenty of time to discuss if you wish to include some of baby’s teddies, keepsakes or use some if my rompers headbands and hats (see a photos below) to ensure your gallery looks the way you want it – and typically the session will begin with a couple swaddles poses that should help the baby relax and fall into a nice deep sleep.

Here’s one of my all time favorite poses is the night night pose with a teddy!

From there, if the baby has fallen asleep, I will be able to start using different wraps/ fabric backdrops while the baby is completely relaxed and all curled up. 

In the studio, you will see a variety of wraps , rompers and headbands please keep in mind that we only use natural fibers, more gentle on the soft skin of the baby.

At this stage of the session, we might also be able to shoot a {name of womb pose}: at this time of their life, in fact, babies tend to go back to the natural position they had in the womb as soon as they fall asleep: these are beautiful moments that we should capture, as they are unique to this age. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Step Three: Parent poses!

These are wonderful photography moments because it portrays who you are as a couple and family and it is so unique and memorable. Generally, if needed, I will throw out some tips such as what to do with your hands or face while holding the baby, or where to place his/her head. 

I know mums sometimes feel unsure about parent images, but remember: these photos are all about the connection between you and the baby.

I will ask you rarely to look at the camera. We will focus on you looking down at your new baby, kissing your baby and snuggling them in, you will soon enjoy being in front of the camera. Especially as these moments are so precious: they are what you will really see and treasure when you look back at these images in a year’s time… or in 20 years from now!

The key for natural parents photos is to forget about the camera and just cuddle your baby and give lots of kisses… a bit as if you were at home alone!

I’ll be using a random name picker to choose two winners soon!