What do I wear?

We all sometimes get stuck in the “What should I wear today??” dilemma… and even more so when we know the camera is waiting for us.

But I promised it before… your newborn session is going to be a stress-free experience and I am going to help you every step of the way.

So here you go. I have put together for you a Pinterest board with outfit ideas: 

And here some guidelines:


  • Dads: dressing in v-neck/t-shirt to wear with a good pair of jeans, chinos, these are smart but not too formal. Plain colours like grey, black cream work well. 
  • Mums: Many mums choose to wear a vest with a little cardigan, nice loose cream/white shirts, always keeping the colour neutral and design simple. 
  • Sister(s): Please bring along a neutral colour top or plain dress (also bring nappy covers for younger siblings) , avoid clothes that will date/ logos and distracting patterns.
  • Brother(s): jeans, chinos & a tight-fitting white/ grey/ navy t-shirt is fine.
  • Your baby:  for my newborns I have a selection of rompers that parents can borrow if they would like some images of their baby dressed – often vests  sleep-suits distract and are too big so please bring one very snug vest short sleeved to show off your babies legs arms and toes!
  • Colours: cream and  soft pastel colour work well against my light backdrops
  • Avoid anything with large logos or crazy patterns these will look dated.
  • Try to loosely co-ordinate. For example, everyone in jeans and a neutral different style of top or in various shades of complimentary colours – navy, greys, creams, pastels etc.


And most importantly… dress in what you feel comfortable in!

Below are some examples from families ive photographed at my home studio.

family of 5
mum and her two children
baby photographer Norfolk
baby and mum
Newborn baby photographer Norfolk