birth story

Here it is – My birth story 2021

As I was approaching my due date the (10th March) I was if I’m honest getting a little impatient even though I kept telling myself my baby will come when my baby is ready (thanks to the hypnobirthing training) and I was adamant I would have her early especially as my first was a week early. We had the birthing pool at home all ready to go but on Saturday 6th of March we were having problems with the little one and I also had an infection.

birth story

The closer to the end of my pregnancy I was getting the more anxious I was becoming. The staff were lovely and advised me the best option was to be induced. This was the last thing I wanted, going from wanting a natural home birth, but I used my skills and all I’d learned from the hypnobirthing and to decide which was best for me to do and using my brain and the fact it was medical, my husband and I decided it was the right choice.

birth story

We started the induction on Sunday the 7th March they couldn’t break my waters, so I had the balloon inserted sadly this still didn’t work so well I then had the pessary and my waters then broke on their own on the 8th.

My labour started to pick up but sadly not enough to avoid the hormone drip (which I really didn’t want) My hypnobirthing skills had really kept me calm and relaxed but now being the 9th of March and the intensity of the drip was too much I was losing focus and control. I had an epidural at this point but just enough to help me, I was able to still feel my contractions and even feel her be born. This was truly amazing.

Even though it wasn’t at all my birth plan it was still the most positive and amazing experience of my life. I feel extremely lucky to have the support of the hospital staff and my husband they were all truly amazing and I feel very proud of myself too.

We had a good hour – hour and a half to enjoying skin on skin and her first feed before we told the rest of the family.

birth story

Thank you Danielle for all your blogs your daughter Millie is beautful and it was great to finally meet you all!



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