Guest Blog – Birth story blog

Guest Blog – Birth story blog

We have welcomed another beautiful baby girl into the world! Ada Margot Hughes, born 02/05/2024 at 17:32 weighing 7lbs 10oz.

At 40+2 we were so ready to meet our baby!

The day had started as any other regular Thursday, I had taken Amelia to a toddler group in the morning, and I was feeling absolutely fine, other than a few Braxton hicks the night before which I was getting most evenings I had no other signs at all that just a few hours later we would have our baby in our arms!

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I arrived home at lunch time and put Amelia to bed for a nap, and started to make myself some lunch! At this point I started to feel my waters trickling out, this is the only way I can describe it! But I wasn’t experiencing any other pain or symptoms so I remained calm and carried on with my day! Another 20 minutes or so went by and I started to get what I think were very faint contractions but they were roughly every half an hour, so at this point I started to think this is it!! The time was now 3pm, Amelia was awake from her nap but I could still easily carry on as normal and speak through the contractions luckily they still weren’t too strong at this point!

My sister called me to see if we wanted to go to the park and I remember saying to her I think I’m in labour!! Luckily she lives around the corner from us so she came to collect Amelia as I knew I’d have to make way to the hospital shortly! Saying goodbye to Amelia was very emotional knowing next time I’d see her she would be a big sister.

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At this point the contractions were about every 20 minutes and I knew my husband would be home within half an hour so I had a shower and put the last minute things in my hospital bag.

Although my previous labour with Amelia was positive, it was longer the first time around so I think that’s why I wasn’t expecting things to move quite as quickly as they did!

Once Ryan arrived home from work the contractions were definitely more regular, I’d say every 5 minutes so he called the birthing unit and they wanted us to go straight up there. Once we were in the car the contractions were coming every minute, I just remember breathing through them and trying to remain calm, luckily we didn’t hit any traffic on the way as I had started to feel like I needed to start pushing!

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Our midwife was happy to discharge us the same day, although by this time it was around 12:30am, but I definitely wanted to just get home rather than stay in hospital!

My parents were at mine with Amelia, who was obviously in bed, so it was lovely to see them when we got back, we had a quick cuppa and went straight up to bed, not that I expected to get any sleep!

It was so special being home in the morning with Ada when Amelia woke up, she’s been such a super big sister from the very start, and we are just soaking up this precious time with our girls starting our next chapter.

Thank you Becky for all your blogs it has bene great working together


Jess xx