My lovey pregnant guest blogger,  Rachael is back at 26 weeks pregnant and with her gender reveal.  I have to admit that I’m beginning to envy Queen Elsa with her “…the cold never bothered me anyway”. I am officially freezing. The cold wind these past few weeks has been a little tricky when you don’t have a coat the fits over an ever growing bump!


These past few weeks has seen the start of organising for the new arival. Starting with a new car. We went with a Citreon Grand Picasso C4. A true ‘Mummy Wagon’. But I actually really like it (totally showing my age here).


gender reveal









I’ve also been researching car seats and sorting through mountains, and I mean MOUNTAINS of clothes. We have cupboards bursting full of 4 years worth of clothes , from when the older 2 were babies.  I even made hubby tile the bathroom – nesting much?


We’ve had our 25 week midwife appointment. Our midwife has been through our previous pregnancies with us , so she’s pretty relaxed about this new addition. So far she’s not hopping about too much, regarding me having a GTT test  . Which I’ve had to have,  multiple times with the other two. She’s also (thus far) given me the all clear for an MLBU birth . Which,  following previous hemorrhages and pregnancy complications is a real bonus! I’m absolutely aiming for my MLBU, waterbirth and hypnobirth this time.


Now to the part that most people have been waiting to know, what are we having?!


The girls in the house will officially be outnumbered! Truth be told,  I have found parenting a boy quite a bit harder than a girl. I’m hoping this boy is just a little bit calmer. And my goodness it HAS TO SLEEP!


By the time you hear from me again, I’ll be in the final stretch at 30 weeks. It’s beginning to get pretty uncomfortable at times , with rather painful SPD which I’ve not had before. I think this is my body’s way of saying ‘STOP NOW PLEASE’! Come on weather,  warm up for this mumma!


To read Rachael’s other guest blogs and follow her journey find them here. Let us know if you did and gender reveal and how you did your gender reveal below.


Jess x