Guest blog - cake smash with Jess Wilkins Photography, Norfolk Photographer

Guest blog – cake smash with Jess Wilkins Photography, Norfolk Photographer

By Muffin and Puffin & Mollie! 


cake smash Norfolk

When Jess asked about collaborating for a photoshoot cake-smash I was delighted.  It was the perfect timing to mark a milestone birthday, Mollie turning 2 and also gave me an opportunity to bring some local businesses together to celebrate one another, support one another and share some hopefully wonderful content.

Knowing Jess as I do, I wasn’t worried or nervous in the slightest, she has a very calming nature and I knew that Mollie, while I couldn’t guarantee pose perfection, wouldn’t feel anything other than calm and happy in her studio.

We pulled up with cake and outfits and went straight into her perfect little studio. White, calm, beautiful, natural props and a tiny delicate rail of beautiful baby clothes (how I wish we had come to Jess when Mollie was a few days old!) A little slice of studio heaven.

Mollie was instantly drawn to the props, in particular the wooden birthday cake (how apt!) and from there it was a breeze. She happily got into her matching Christmas Pjs with me (a small request for an image from myself) and before we had a chance to give any sort of direction she had pulled the chair into the middle of the set and started posing. She does not take after me at all(!)

Baby Photographer Norfolk

A quick outfit change later into a piece made specially by the very talented Little Dottie Designs and she was back into pose mode… gleefully knocking over the TWO props and delicately eating all the sprinkles from the cake.

Jess gave no direction; the whole experience was led by Mollie with me guiding her for a few of the shots. We stopped when she stopped, and Jess shot when she was happily eating her Little Cake Company cake (topped beautifully by the topper from the talented Vellamaes) and we also took some fun time-lapse videos from #bts.

In under an hour it felt that it came to a natural end as there had been no incidents, meltdowns or tears… Mollie truly enjoyed the experience as did I. I have threatened to come back weekly for Jess’ calming influence over my little whirlwind of a toddler.

I cannot recommend Jess enough, she’s a mama herself and she just ‘gets it’ she was efficient without being bossy, she was calm without being airy and it felt more like a playdate than a studio shoot.

There’s not much point waxing lyrical about the final shots – I think they speak for themselves.

Jess can we come back for every birthday?

Sophie x

baby photographer Norfolk
baby photographer Norfolk
baby photographer Norfolk


Be a self-care goddess this winter - GUEST BLOG

Be a self-care goddess this winter - Guest blog from Sophie aka Muffin and Puffin 

As the season draws in; showcasing autumnal hues, big knitwear, pumpkins, quality street on the shelves and the Harry Potter movies every Saturday night - it seems that hunkering down and enjoying life indoors is here for the foreseeable. Truly, it’s my favourite season but also a season where I find I sit on a delicate balance of the blues and the joys. So, I thought I would write myself a list of things to ensure I look after my self and those around me to keep it on the side of joy as much as possible.


Ever look in the shops at this time of year and wonder who is going to all these Christmas parties and where are those Christmas parties that warrant so many sequins and dresses? Well I’m not being invited to them, so I’ll make my own plans. Christmas outings, mince pies and hot chocolates with friends, woodland walks (forest bathing is IN this season) baking, movie and duvet days. I always find having small things to look forward to improves my mood greatly.


I’ve really started to enjoy podcasts… loud music makes me happy, nothing can beat insomnia-faithless while cleaning the bathroom (how rock n roll) but I’ve actually discovered some wonderful podcasts that lift my mood. Right now, I’m listening to ‘Couples Therapy’ with Casey and Candice Neistat and Dolly Alderton’s ‘Love Stories’ also an oldie but a goodie for comedy is the ‘Adam and Joe show’ for BBC6 music. Go forth and listen!


Winter can be a season of excess and with that comes guilt but eat the naughty stuff just in moderation! For me it’s not just mince pies but online shopping. There’s no greater thrill than a package in the post!


I love being in the kitchen, but a sleepless toddler makes those meals from scratch hard to make in the evening… so instead I’m planning on making chutney and sugars and various baking items and involving her in the process. Time in the kitchen in therapeutic for me… the process of selecting ingredients, chopping and then enjoying the final result… me time and a delicious meal or treat at the end.


I am a total one for trying new things, but I’ll admit I don’t always see them through. I desperately want to be able to crochet… I bought all the gear and worked for 6 hours trying to crochet a basic square. I gave up…. So, this year I’m working on my photography and trying to read as much as I can… hobbies don’t have to be all about craft!



This is becoming more apparent that it is something I don’t just need but is a necessity. I am an all-round better person if I have managed to have a few hours in the week where it is just me and my head space. Now go away, it’s Netflix time.


I have been told this is a good idea… I am yet to set the rules as my job is social media and that relies on phones and screens, but I need to set boundaries with my phone and create some ‘no phone zones’! So, I’ll be making a conscious effort this winter to unplug from technology and be fully present.


I won’t lie I fall in and out of love with exercise daily, I’ve never regretted a work out, but I struggle with the motivation to get there. So, I’m going to embrace the movement I do enjoy – walking. I love being outside on a cold crisp day and so does my little one. Exercise and valuable time together… the perfect combination of self-care.

So that’s my list, there’s plenty more I’m sure and if you have any other suggestions then let me know!




Sophie Lynn

Owner @ Muffin&Puffin

‘A mini marketing company’

07738533889 -> please note website not currently live

Instagram - @muffinandpuffinmarketing

Facebook – Muffin&Puffin


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bump shoot

32 weeks and a bump shoot - guest blog

32 weeks and a bump shoot – guest blog

Bridget Jones pants… maternity pads… Waterproof mattress protector… All very sexy things to buy when walking around the city with your other half! With 8 weeks to go i thought i best start packing my hospital bag. There is an unbelievable amount of ‘equipment’ you need to bring for yourself and your little bundle. Luckily i’ve got a great friend who has been amazing at helping me with this, knowing she had been through it before with her daughter she could give me useful advice on what she wishes she had packed for herself and her little Mollie.


Learning you have to look after yourself is a lot more important than i realised, before birth and after, you should be congratulating yourself, after all you’ve just grown a Human! And then given birth to your beautiful baby! Well done you!


Jess kindly booked a bump photo shoot for me, i didn’t know what to wear so picked out a few favorites to show off the bump. I even fake tanned the night before to mask my snowman skin. We all have our reservations about ourselves on how we look and i have the ‘good side’ and ‘bad side’. Luckily Jess understood my weird request and i felt so comfortable changing outfits and poses and even stripped to pretty undies for a different look and i didn’t even mind strutting about as i’m falling in love with my pregnancy body.

bump shoot

My bestie had her baby shower at a surprise location, there were banners, bright balloons, homemade sausage rolls, scones and cupcakes, all delicious. I overindulged of course… i am pregnant after all, that was my excuse. She loved it and it was fab to get everyone together to celebrate the occasion. It made me think about how quick time has come around! I’m going to have a baby soon! Wow! I can’t wait! I’m getting tired quickly so i’m no longer at night owl but an early morning bird who likes to wake my husband up early too, i get bored, if i can’t sleep neither should he right?…

Single digit countdown…

bump shoot

pregnancy yoga

25 Weeks - Pregnancy yoga

25 Weeks - Pregnancy yoga


Pregnancy yoga! Every Wednesday i whip on my ‘over the bump’ leggings and borrow my husbands plain grey t-shirt and head out. I bring a bottle of water with me and snacks, thinking i'll be working out a sweat. But in reality i join a group of ladies sitting cross legged on mats with pillows and blankets and we introduce ourselves and share our experiences so far within our pregnancy. We chat,  discussing birthing techniques and breathing exercises . And then we practise our yoga poses and finish with a treat biscuit. It’s really great to know your not alone with any pain your suffering , and any fears you may have. As in reality only pregnant women know how pregnant women feel, it’s good to have a network, it makes you feel empowered.


I treated myself this week (well partly). For my birthday friends brought me a ‘mum to be’ massage at the ‘Imagine Spa Blofield’, i finally booked it and i decided to add on a facial too. The beautician was great, she discussed my needs and desires, of which i replied… ‘Make me feel brand new!’ and i do! With still slight wrinkles but i look alot less tired! I can tell the baby loved it too as i felt lovely soft kicks and tumbles under my belly button throughout the whole spa experience. It felt like we had somewhat quality time together where i could really connect, it was beautiful. Such a TREAT! and I felt like a new women strutting to my car.


Our Nursery is coming together wonderfully, we had 2 plasterers working on the nursery on a very hot sweaty sunday and we’ve now had it painted a beautiful pale grey which will go great with our new white furniture. Dad to be is now very excitingly beginning his ‘mural’ on the wall above where the cotbed will sit. We decided on ‘old school’ original Winnie The Pooh, consisting of Pooh holding onto a blue balloon floating up into the wavy branches above to find the honey nested around flowing leaves. We’ve loved reading the stories to our little one and i’m sure baby knows our voices as i can feel loving hugs becoming stronger each day.


As with many other baby mumma’s i’m sure we would all agree it’s been lovely to have sunny skies, despite the numerous fans i had scattered throughout my house on every shelf i couldn’t regulate my body temperature with my little bun keeping me toasty. So i’m definitely happier it is cooler as i can sleep better, i feel healthier and i’m back to my perkier self.


I’m now excitingly awaiting our nursery delivery from the amazing ‘BabyPages’ in Necton. They were so knowledgeable on all of their products and didn’t hesitate to answer any ridiculous question i may have conjured up. Top Marks! Fully recommend checking them out if you want a good deal on kitting out your nursery!


Now onto our 28 week appointment...


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The power of the placenta guest blog Cherished Placentas

The power of the placenta

You go to the antenatal classes (or you don’t) you watch one born every minute, movies with the call for hot water and towels and you, as a first-time, second time, third time mum (as so many of us do) don’t question any further once the baby is placed on your chest.

From where I sit now (– ahem, next to my placenta dehydration station) I’ll be asking ‘WHAT ABOUT THE PLACENTA??’

But what about the placenta…. A question I never would have asked before my second child...

What is a placenta?

Oh, only a sustainable, life perpetuating, all giving organ supplying all mammals with the essentials they need to grow and develop in the womb…. Only an organ that a female mammal grows from scratch when pregnant. It is so crucial through pregnancy in sustaining life it seems madness that it is removed as ‘toxic waste’ when through the ages so many culture and remedies have relied on it, cherished it and treated it to rituals that demonstrate its vital place in the life cycle. Most importantly for me why is it ignored when women who have in this day, age and country chosen to go down the placentophagy road, report incredible results.

Up to the point of my second child I was armed with only this information:

That in the third stage of birth, once my beautiful baby is placed on my chest I’ll birth the placenta, after it has detached from the uterine wall and it will be removed by a midwife. A vague wave of the hand as you’re told you’ll need to inform the midwife as to whether you’d like an injection to help that second birthing process along. That’s it. For many this is ok and the idea of utilising the placenta makes them squeamish and don’t want to give it a second thought.

Now I’m more armed with information, and it’s that information, I started this blog with, that leads me to ask this question of our current, cultural dismissal of the placenta. Because I’m a placenta specialist and I care about what happens.

I write this in my office next to the room where I blend, dehydrate, powder encapsulate and prepare placentas for the next stage of their ‘giving’ life force. Since trying it myself I like to think of myself as a magician of the placenta, creating magic from these incredible and life supporting organs. It’s fascinating, it’s beautiful and I’m aware you may think I’m bonkers, but I’ve seen the results and I’ve experienced them myself and it’s this that drives me to make others aware because it changed my second child experience in the most positive ad beautiful way possible.

So, let’s start at the beginning – just what is a placenta… The following information is taken straight from the NHS website:

The placenta is an organ attached to the lining of your womb during pregnancy.

It keeps your unborn baby's blood supply separate from your own blood supply, as well as providing a link between the two. The link allows the placenta to carry out functions that your unborn baby can't perform for itself.

The placenta is connected to your baby by the umbilical cord. Your baby is inside a bag of fluid called the amniotic sac, which is made of membranes.

What does the placenta do?

Oxygen and nutrients pass from your blood supply into the placenta. From there, the umbilical cord carries the oxygen and nutrients to your unborn baby. Waste products from the baby, such as carbon dioxide, pass back along the umbilical cord to the placenta and then into your bloodstream, for your body to dispose of them. (**note from me here - it doesn’t store these waste products it transports them)

Towards the end of your pregnancy, the placenta passes antibodies from you to your baby, giving them immunity for about three months after birth. However, it only passes on antibodies that you already have.

What happens after my baby is born?

After your baby is born, more contractions will push the placenta out through the vagina.

Your midwife will offer you a medicine to stimulate your contractions and help push the placenta out. They'll inject the medicine into your thigh just as the baby is born. It makes your womb contract so the placenta comes away from the wall of your womb. This also helps prevent the heavy bleeding some women experience.

After the birth, your midwife will check the placenta and membranes, to make sure that they're complete and nothing has been left behind.

If you have a caesarean section, after your baby is born, the placenta will also be delivered.

That’s it, factually correct but it doesn’t suggest that women have the option to take their placenta and

As an endocrine organ the placenta self produces many pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones that both sustain and prepare a mother for breastfeeding after birth. Packed with blood, proteins and minerals it’s an organ of nourishing goodness that would cost a huge amount if you were to purchase the man-made forms at a local health store. Remember, as these nutrients and hormones are produced by the mother they are also uniquely design to suit her individuality and this cannot be re-created.

Scientifically it is yet to be proven but it is my true and honest belief that those nutrients are far more beneficial to a mother simply because she is the person that made them and there is lots of supporting documentation available for anyone wanting to read beyond this blog.

To conclude I thought I would list out the amazing and wide- ranging benefits myself and other mothers found when we ingested our placentas through capsule and smoothie form (many of us able to compare between first and second births when we did and didn’t)

  • Boosted Energy Levels
  • Replenished Iron Stores
  • Better Balanced Hormones
  • Reduction in Stress Levels
  • No Postnatal Depression
  • Increases Milk Supply
  • Reduced Postnatal Bleeding
  • Improvement in the Appearance of Skin/Nails
  • Increased feeling of Well-being
  • Increased Infant Bonding
  • Faster loss Pre-Baby Weight

So, there you have it, all the reasons why you’ll hear me asking over and over… ‘But what about the placenta?’

placentaCherished Placentas Ltd
“Bounce Back From Pregnancy The Natural Way”

guest blogger Norfolk

Guest blogger -  Our 20 weeks scan 

Guest blogger -  Our 20 weeks scan 


Our 20 week scan, another opportunity to see our beautiful growing baby, we’re already more in Love then we ever could have imagined. Seeing our baby’s little hand almost wave at us whilst having a yawn was amazing to see. Since having our scan i can now feel kicks and movements, i think i could feel smaller versions of this before but i didn’t quite realise how big my baby was, i thought i could just feel gas… oops sorry baby. Baby enjoys cold drinks and sweet treats so i have a lot of those to keep baby entertained.


So did we find out?... We didn’t! But it was hard not to have a sneaky peek.


So now it’s time to look into pregnancy classes, my midwife recommended for us to book onto Birth and Babies for my antenatal and i’ve had other recommendations for Hypnobirthing. I’m very excited to start Hypnobirthing, i feel this is the only way i could possibly get through labour! I’ve also signed onto Pregnancy Yoga to help with my posture, to help strengthen my back muscles and for pure relaxation.


Since i found out i was pregnant i’ve suffered with immense back pain, (standing up all day with my profession sure doesn’t help either) so i’ve started physiotherapy at the Jenny Lind department in hope i can figure a way to fix the pain…


I’m really enjoying my pregnancy journey but i’m slightly struggling with the HEAT! It’s so hot! I shouldn’t complain really but i’m assuming i’m not the only baby mumma trying to avoid sunshine like a vampire. The table fan is my new best friend! Like how my “BB HUG ME’ (pregnancy pillow) is my new ‘boyfriend’.


So now for my next Midwife appointment!

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parent instagram

10 Norfolk Parenting Instagram Accounts to Follow

10 Norfolk Parenting Instagram Accounts to Follow

We parents love a bit of time scrolling through the ‘Gram don’t we? Vicki is back blogging the accounts to follow...

If you have a bad day you are a few taps away from receiving a virtual gin from someone else going through the same thing, and to see a photo someone else’s child planking face down in Morrison’s, makes us all feel like we aren’t going though this parent malarkey alone.

We all know about the big parent bloggers and Instagram powerhouses but did you know there were some amazing local Instagram accounts too?

Read on for 10 of Norfolk's parenting Instagram accounts to follow! By Vicki aka NICU Mum 


First on our Instagram accounts list is of course Jess's! Think sleepy newborns that will make you broody, beautiful maternity shoots, smiley toddlers, and the perfect way to keep up to date with all the latest projects and packages on offer! It really is a beautifully visual account.


This Instagram account will have you laughing into your fish fingers. Sally White really does know how to put a spoof spin on many a parental situation that will have you laughing out loud on the bus home. She also brings you relatable posts about politics and feminism that will leave you wanting more. Check out her Gruffalo parody it is one not to be missed!


You know those flat lays you’ve always wanted to master? Or how to nail the hands around the coffee cup?  Our next Norfolk parent Instagram account has it effortlessly in abundance comes from the fabulous Sophie who can somehow make a bin bag look like professional shoot. This account tracks the highs and lows of running a small business and balance bringing up a small human as well.


This account is run by Harper’s mum and it documents Harper who has cerebral palsy and is trying to raise £80,000 to get to America for life changing surgery. This Norfolking parent account will leave you in awe at the bravery and determination of Harper and her family.


If you need some inspiration for a child free night out, some morning motivational quotes or the chance to see some of your gram’ heroes then this parenting Instagram account is for you. Run by Emma, this account sees local parents being brought together and empowered by the power of social media.

@astoryfromdad @astroyfrommum

These two Norfolk parenting accounts come as a buy one get one free! Husband and wife duo depicting parent life with their first child Willow. From the ups and downs of sleep training to nursery settling in sessions Jodie and American Tim are sharing the realities of parenthood via the squares.


This is an Instagram account with a difference. It sees Katie travelling around our fair region and giving us inspiration on where to go with the fam, and the secret hidden gems of Norfolk. Her beautiful blog and photos make you want to jump in the car and head out straight away!


This account is a must follow for anyone who loves beautiful flowers, interiors and outfit inspiration. Mum of 2 boys and (8 hens!) this is a stunning account to follow and one that will certainly brighten up your feed!


First time mum this is one Norfolk parenting Instagram account to follow if you want to learn more about breastfeeding with cmpa, cloth nappies and coconscious parenting as well as the usual hilarities of weaning and day to day parenting!


The last entry on our  Instagram accounts is one dad documenting life with his triplet girls, and 2 year old son. He regularly confesses he cant quite tell them apart and it features some adorable photos of the new born triplets and the chaos of parenting them!


So, that was our 10 Norfolk parenting Instagram accounts to follow, but we don’t want this to be an exclusive list.

We would love to hear your favourite local parent accounts to follow too!



Guest blogger - 17 weeks pregnant

Guest blogger - 17 weeks pregnant - we welcome back Chelsea and catch up on her pregnancy...
Wow! Time is going quickly!
I'm now 17 weeks pregnant and It's so nice to feel more like my original self, no more ‘starvation’ feelings (when I had just finished my massive ham, cheese and pickle baguette for lunch) - still my ultimate craving! and the ‘sicky’ feeling has just about sloped off.
My 16 week midwife appointment...
I was really looking forward to this appointment as I knew I could hear my baby's heartbeat during this checkup. Hearing my baby's beautiful singing heartbeat for the first time was amazing. My whole body was filled with utter love and contentment mixed with relief that everything was going well.
I’ve been a constant worrier the entire duration of my pregnancy so far, I'm loving every second of it but I want to make sure I'm not doing/eating anything that could jeopardize the health of my unborn child. I'm writing this blog on whilst on my last ‘couples’ holiday before we become a family, I was terrified about going through the airport security as I was always told they use X-ray scanners… THEY DON'T! I was unbelievably upset after explaining to security that I was pregnant and was told to go through anyway… but it was honestly fine, this is where my superhero husband comes back to calm me with soothing words and reassurance. I've turned into a total shadow of the person I was before, but I'm becoming a mum and I'm getting used to my motherly emotions.
So… When do my weird cravings start?! I kinda like the idea of an obscure ‘must have’ and sending my husband out on errands to find a fix for my latest craze! That's what he's there for right?... jokes aside he's been my rock, he has done so for the past 11 years and it's become more apparent how lucky I am with him being so ‘cool’ about my mood swings, hanger pains and my new frustration at not being able to do the simplest of things.
I now have the start of a beautiful little bump and I love showing it off! I've actually quite enjoyed searching for ‘maternity’ wear as I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of finding something fashionable and flattering (which is difficult when looking at maternity wear, you literally go from topshop fashion to middle aged fashion). I still want to feel ‘in’ with the world whilst parading my bump proudly and elegantly.
I've never wanted to wish the year away before, but November can't come quick enough! I can't wait and I'm definitely a summer lover.
So… 20 week scan in 3 weeks time! The question is do we find out?!....
An adventure has already begun, why not ride the train and find out who you have been waiting for at the end of the ‘tunnel’.
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MLBU Birth Story - Rachael's last guest blog

MLBU Birth Story  this is Rachael's last guest blog for me !




I’m so pleased I get to share this story with you. I have waited nearly 5 years for what I’d call ‘the birth I’d dreamt of’ and I still can’t quite believe it finally happened.


I had been practising hypnobirthing and found a fantastic online resource from The Positive Birth Company. The Digital Pack is essentially an online hypnobirthing course (for only £32!!) and includes loads of information and a selection of MP3’s too. I really can’t recommend it enough.


This little baby had been teasing me with Braxton Hicks since about 35 weeks. A good couple of times per week I’d be wondering if I was in early labour, but alas he hung on until 39+5!


On Wednesday 2nd March my Braxton Hicks started in the morning as usual so I didn’t think much of it. I took my eldest to nursery and had my youngest at home . As the day progressed the Braxton Hicks didn’t stop as they would normally do.  I felt a bit ‘off’ but carried on with the day as normal thinking it was just another ‘false alarm’.


By about 3.30pm I had started to think it may be something more . They hadn’t died down, so I arranged with my Mum for her to have my elder two for tea and overnight ‘just in case’. I apologised to her for the possible false alarm and said I was quite sure I’d be collecting them in the morning still pregnant!! Once Hubby was home with my eldest, my Dad popped over to  collect them leaving Hubby and I to work out what was going on.


It was about 5pm by this point so we sat and watched tv, ate some food and generally chilled out. By about 6.30pm/7pm I really felt things might be happening. I wasn’t especially uncomfortable but I was now ‘contracting’ every 10 minutes or so. I went and had a lay down and actually had a bit of a snooze!


I woke up around 9pm and called Hubby up to say that I was pretty sure this was it. Things were a bit uncomfortable and still reasonably regular.  I called MLBU just so we were on their radar. I explained to them that I’d never had a ‘normal’ labour and that I actually felt like I had awful trapped wind more than contractions . They suggested I went in to get checked over. We made our way to the MLBU arriving at about 10.30pm.


After chatting with the midwives for a bit I accepted an examination which indicated I was around 3cm dilated and was definitely going to be having a baby, not just a massive fart! In fact the midwife said she thought it would be about 5-6 hours given the ‘feel’ of my cervix. With that she sent us for a wander around the hospital.


Only 15 minutes later things really had become a lot more intense,  we headed back to the safe ‘nest’ of MLBU. The midwife observed me for a while and offered to run the pool but I chose to stay out of the water initially and use the ball.  I didn’t want to have to get back out of the water once I was settled.

We switched on my positive affirmations MP3, the lights were low and beautiful twinkly lights were projected around the room. It was like a spa!


Not long afterwards, the midwife clearly saw that things were progressing and offered to run the pool again, which I accepted this time. My contractions were intense and powerful and I was in the depths of my hypnobirthing head space. Once I had got into the pool we notified our birth photographer that things were happening. it was at this point I had my ‘panic’, a typical sign of transition. I said to the midwife I thought I might need some ‘extra help’ (gas & air) and she simply said ‘nah…you’ve got this’ and that was the end of that – haha!


I hadn’t been in the pool long before I said I could feel the baby descending. I could feel the familiar pressure in my bum, you know that lovely ‘I need a poo’ feeling. I said to the midwife that I needed a wee and so I stood up to get out of the pool…with that my baby quickly decided he was in fact coming and coming now. I never made it for a wee!


My body went into primal animalistic mode and the involuntary fetal ejection reflex started. It is such an incredibly powerful and intense experience (and I still maintain it’s not painful!). This stage didn’t last long at all really and before I knew it I could feel babies head crowning. I just kept thinking ‘I can’t believe I’m in the pool!’.


With my previous two babies their bodies had been born with one contraction, so I was a little shocked that after his head had been born that his body took two pushes – I remember thinking ‘oh…he is quite big then’ – haha!


Once he had been born he was guided though my legs to my front and I moved so I could bring him up to my chest. We stayed right there, me, hubby and our baby until his cord had stopped pulsating and the placenta had been passed. It really was perfect.


I still cannot believe I got the birth of my dreams. I am immensely proud of myself, not only for achieving a drug and intervention free birth (having had very medicalised births previously), but also for birthing an 8lb 15oz baby with no pain relief!


Thank you all for sharing this journey for me – here is my beautiful boy Huxley Jon Cole, born 03.35am on 3rd May 2018, weighing 8lb 15oz.



Pregnancy guest blogger 30 week bump

Pregnancy guest blogger 30 week bump


This. Is. Hard. Really hard.  I’ve had two pregnancies previous that have reached this stage (bump is now 30 weeks) and I can hand on heart say this is the hardest one. I’ve LOVED being pregnant before. I have always been that annoying person who doesn’t get sick, who doesn’t get insomnia, doesn’t get much discomfort. Well this time, I can safely say all that has gone out the window.


I hurt. Everywhere from belly button to knees. I have horrendous pregnancy insomnia . Plus a toddler who wakes up a couple of times a night, so I’m awake more overnight than I’m asleep.


I am putting a large proportion of how challenging things are/how much discomfort I’m in down to the fact that I have 2 very lively, very active beautiful kiddies to run around after this time. First pregnancies see the luxury of rest, and even my second pregnancy (because we had such a small age gap) was quite restful as my daughter still napped! This time I’m up against a 4yr old and a 2.5yr old, no wonder I’m knackered!













We had our 28 week midwife check up , o far I’m managing to avoid the dreaded GTT test . For the first time EVER in my pregnancy history my bump measurements are on ‘target’. I’ve always measured big and have had polyhydramnios ,  which has kept me from being able to birth on MLBU. I’m really wishing hard that the stars align for me this time and I get my hypnobirthing waterbirth I’ve longed for since 2013!



My amazing Osteopath has been roped in to try and keep the SPD pain under control (if anyone can help she can) , the home stretch is all about survival for me now! And getting organised. Sorting through old clothes, packing hospital bags, buying the car seat, rebuilding the nursery furniture The list is quite long ! Until next time ...



Rach also popped into my studio for her maternity shoot , my style is light and airy and Rach totally rocked this look , dont you think?