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Looking for a baby photographer to capture your newborn’s first few months?

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Looking for a baby photographer in Norfolk to capture your newborn’s first few months? 

 As every parent will tell you, those first few months of a child’s life will fly by in an instant. Before you know it, your newborn will be crawling, walking, talking and heading off to nursery. Capturing this unique time in photos won’t just give you precious memories to look back on, it will also give your child an important and beautiful record of their very first days, weeks and months. If you’re currently searching for a talented baby photographer in Norwich, here’s what to look out for to ensure you get images that capture the unique personality and beauty of your baby.


Choose a photographer with experience

 As you probably know by now, taking photos of newborn babies isn’t always easy. Most newborns sleep for the majority of the day, and if they’re not asleep, they’re often feeding, being winded or being changed. Taking a beautiful image that captures the personality of your baby takes time, patience, understanding, and skill, so it’s important you choose a photographer who knows exactly what they’re doing. And though all babies will react in a slightly different way – and you can’t always guarantee they’ll play ball - an experienced photographer will be able to get the best out of your baby and take photos you’ll be able to treasure forever.

baby photographer

Photographing newborns

 Newborns are typically brought into the studio when they’re between 5-14 days, I photograph newborns up to 3 weeks old and then offer a mini newborn shoot for 4-12 week old babies. In those early days, babies have that distinctive newborn look, (little flakes of skin, button noses, wispy hair) something that’s wonderful to photograph. Often, newborns will be photographed asleep. Though you may also want images of them with their eyes open, sleeping photos make wonderful mementos and will look great on your wall for years to come.

As parents of newborns will know, it can take a while to get a brand new baby settled when they’re in a new environment. That’s why it’s a good idea to book a shoot that’s at least two hours long. As well as making the experience more relaxed, this helps to ensure you’ll get great images even if your baby is a little unsettled for part of the shoot, the photographer's job is to soothe and settle making this your chance to enjoy a hot cuppa.



 When looking for a baby photographer in Norfolk, it’s a good idea to book a photographer who’s happy to take images of your older children too. That way you can ensure all the family feel included in the occasion and capture priceless images of your babies together.

To find out more about newborn photography in the Norwich area, give me a call/ email or take a look through my newborn galleries.



Pure and simple newborn baby portraits

Pure and simple newborn baby portraits - Norwich Photographer.

This blog includes some recent newborn images I have taken at my home studio in Norwich, and it shows my style of simple newborn baby portraits. I have been really busy and neglected this blog once again . I have now planned lots of fun blogs and also getting some more fab guest bloggers on board.

I have seen lots of families with their second babies already this year - I get so excited to see these families again, and the face they have chosen once again to photograph their precious new baby is awesome!

I also tried something a bit different with parent shots this month.  Emma volunteered to model for me with Reuben and Willow so that I could show what I would like to incorporate in any newborn or baby shoot. These images had a huge response on Facebook.

baby photoshoot Norfolk baby photoshoot Norfolk simple newborn baby portraits - baby sleeping

simple newborn baby portraits

Below are recent newborn images taken in the last couple of months. I have invested in some little rompers, more delicate hats these are proving so popular with parents and match my style. I love the fact they look very cute but also keep the images pure and simple.

At the beginning of April, I had a stall at the Norfolk Bump, Baby, and Toddler event for the fourth time running. It was really busy and we meet so many parents to be and families. India who ran/owns the event was overdue with her baby girl and i had the pleasure of meeting her  - and here she is!

Meet Nova she was 8 days old - she kept her mummy waiting 14 days! I love keeping little baby flakes in photos this will remind mum and dad how she was in the first few days.

Parents have been feeding back that they booked me for my natural and simple images. When I first started out I wasn't sure what style I wanted as a newborn photographer. I have totally fallen in love with the flow of poses I do and capturing awake images of new babies too.

If you are looking for a newborn baby photographer who focuses on your baby, creating simple yet stunning imagery then get in touch. I am based in Norwich, Norfolk. I have photographed over 100s of babies, watch a shoot here its best to book in after your 20-week scan!




Jess Wilkins Photography
PRO LEVEL Member of the British Association of Newborn and Baby Photographers



boy and baby sister

Baby and Newborn Photography Association - Pro Member level

Baby and Newborn Photography Association - Pro Member level:

A while back I joined the organisation Baby and Newborn Photography Association,  or for short BANPAS .  Some of you that follow my page will know that BANPAS promotes safe working practices amongst newborn and baby photography.


Their regulars blog explain issues to parents. These include topics such as safety, why book professional and other areas. They help educate and guide parents into getting those adorable images of newborns but also in a safe environment.   If you are looking for a newborn photographer please head over to their website here or over to their Facebook page to read up.


For me as a photographer, I joined as it was a place to watch webinars, receive discounts and join their great community. I had access to their private forum and get to chat with other newborn baby photographers.


This year they launched their new levels of membership,  and if you are starting out the friend level is a great place to start.  I wanted to go for their Pro level, and not stay on their standard membership level which is also awesome.  I wanted my work to go through the judging process, by their panel of ambassadors.


I  put together 12 images, then I sent them off to be assessed, and within a week I had heard I had passed !!!!!!   and have been given Pro Level membership!  Along with some amazingly talented ladies,  my profile on their website now displays the pro level logo on my listing.  The listing section is a great place to find local baby photographers.

With lots of people starting up in the newborn photography business there are lots of photographers to choose from, it can get very confusing. That's why I wrote a blog about how to choose the right photographer for you.

I've heard people say 'baby photos they all look the same' ahh they do not. Photographers have very different styles and visions.  My style is very much natural, timeless, I love pure and simple images, teeny tiny baby details, whilst using a few delicate props.

Please look at the photographers' style, do the babies look safe and comfy? (this is where BANPAS and its mission is great, they give examples of how photographers work safely) are they insured ? have a professional website? All these things and more can help guide you into booking the right photographer.


When you love your job as much as I do, you always look to improve and that's why I invest in training, watch webinars, videos and went on first aid all in the last 6 months.  My job is a privilege and my clients come to a safe & warm environment. BANPAS has helped my journey and I would recommend them any baby photographers!


Jess xx

newborn with a teddy elephantbaby stretching newborn







baby photos Norwich

Newborn Mini Package

Newborn Mini Package by Norwich Photographer.


I am now offering a special Newborn Mini Package at my home studio NR7, Norwich.  It is for those that have missed the typical,  'ideal time' to photograph a newborn baby (5days - 3 weeks old).

It is for babies aged over 3 weeks old -and up to 12 weeks old, unlike the newborn session,  this package is focused on the awake images as babies really start to enjoy awake time and start smiling.

If the baby is sleepy than great, we will take a few sleepy images,  but this is a short and sweet session of up to one hour of studio time.  This package is an ideal opportunity to take sibling and family images as well 2 simple setups on the beanbag and flokati.


natural newborn images Norfolk


Babies 'uncurl' a week or so after birth and become more aware of their surroundings, at 4-12 weeks old the images will not be very posed. It is unlikely baby will sleep and fall naturally into the typical poses I do for little newborns.  But that means we get some cracking awake images as your baby's little personality will start to shine through, and we get babbles and smiles.


The newborn mini package is £225: it includes the studio session time of up to a maximum of 1 hour and includes 10 images via digital download.


baby photos Norwich




























If for any reason your baby is very unsettled babies can be rescheduled for 4 months onwards. You will be presented with a choice of approx 15 images to choose your favourite 10 from an online gallery. I also offer products such as mounted prints, albums and luxury wall art to showcase your images


To book your baby in for the Newborn Mini package email me or click here to send me a message and I will reply with my availability and booking information.




Norwich Newborn baby studio- a sneak peek

Norwich Newborn baby studio - a sneak peek

For those that do not know my newborn studio is at my home in Norwich, Norfolk.  It is not the biggest but it has everything you need when bringing your baby here for his/her very first photo shoot. I have nappies, wipes and provide hot tea and coffee and biscuits.

studio set up


I have everything on hand my favourite blankets, delicate headbands, snug hats and wraps. I wrote a blog on 'What to look for when booking a baby newborn photographer' in the blog I write about my style.  As you can see below the colours I use are soft and natural. A lot of photographers rock bright colours & large props and setups. If this is what you would like then I would not book me, and that's okay!  I use a little colour as you can see. But again very soft blues and pinks, along with warm browns, creams and beige.


I adore texture, and use wraps to snugly curl your baby, tuck them in and if they are a little unsettled a wrap can help them feel secure !


newborn baby studio


I love delicate headbands and tiebacks, these do not distract away from the baby but add a little cuteness to newborn girls.

newborn baby studio newborn baby studio


As you may have seen a love a baby bonnet, I think these suit both boys and girls - the ones I use are made of mohair and soft textured yarn. It is easy to become a prop addict when a Newborn Photographer its a hazard of the job!


I follow lots of prop pages but tend to use 4 or 5 sellers regularly I know the hats &  outfits fit snugly and are very well made. These little rompers are a favourite with parents.



I hope this blog gives you a little peek into my home studio , after being mobile for 2 years I am proud of my studio and love all the items and props I have, they compliment my style which is the main reason people book me - if you are pregnant and wish to discuss booking a newborn shoot please email me at or use the contact me page!


Jess xxx

NorwichBaby studio Norwich

What to look for when booking a newborn baby photographer

What to look for when booking a newborn baby photographer, am I the photographer for you?

I hope this blog gives you the key areas to consider when booking a newborn baby photographer. With so many photographers in Norfolk, it can be a little overwhelming when choosing who will photograph your new baby. I have read some great blogs recently explaining about newborn photography, pricing and the importance of hiring a professional, such as those written by The Baby and Newborn Photographers Association (which I am an PRO Level member of).

This blog will only briefly touch on some of these pointers, it's really about seeing if I am the photographer for you, and to help guide you to booking the right photographer whether that is me or someone else.

Style: One of the first things I advise people is to really look at my work and my galleries, I do not want people to book me as I am the closest photographer to them in Norwich. I want people to book me because they love my style, which is natural, simple and neutral.

A lot of photographers rock bright colours, large props and setups. If this is what you would like then I would not book me, and that's okay! Photography is personal & must suit the family taste.  So parents think of the images you would like on your wall and frame on the mantlepiece, this gives you a great starting point.

Recommendations: Well over half of my clients come from word of mouth and recommendations. Ask your friends and family to see who they have previously hired to photograph their baby newborn.  Not all photographers find newborn photography is for them. While a photographer might be great at weddings, photographing a baby is very different.

Also please read the photographers testimonials page, mine can be found by clicking here.  Please look at the newborn baby images on the photographers' website. And ask yourself does the baby look comfortable and settled? They should be, and this is a good indication that the photographer handles babies safely and calmly.


Training and safety: Has the photographer had specific newborn training? Newborn photography is a specialty, ideally, the photographer would have invested in training because handling a newborn baby with confidence and care is soooo important. Although I am a Mum of 2 toddlers, I felt this did not make me an expert. Nor should anyone else claims they can photograph a newborn baby just by being a parent. It looks easy but actually, it is not, it is an art.


booking a newborn baby photographer

How many years of experience do they have? I still regularly undertake training, newborn posing is an art and soothing them is another skill set. Posing them takes time, training and practice. Many people offer free shoots when starting out for their portfolio, I did. We all start somewhere. Another consideration is whether you want a free shoot,  or to invest in a shoot and hire someone who has been doing this for some time. Who has years of experience and has themselves invested in training and works safely. This is my 5th year now, and I feel very confident in handling babies and soothing them to sleep.  I am also trained in Pediatric first aid. To find a photographer in your area who is approved by The Baby And Newborn Photographers Association click here.


newborn baby newborn baby


Pricing: This is the most confusing part for parents with so many photographers to choose from, and such vast differences in pricing. I know having a baby is expensive, and people have varying budgets. But saving for the right photographer will be worth it.

You will have the images for years and years to come, the saying "you get what you pay for " is very true.  I have had one mum go to a local studio for a 'free newborn session' she said it was cold, stressful, rushed and her baby cried the whole time. After the shoot, they got in contact with me.   They booked with me and found the session the exact opposite. It was relaxing and a joy for them to watch me work at their baby's pace. I am very experienced at handling newborns, and photograph on average two a week while I am part-time. This is reflected in my price.

Am I the right photographer for you? Watch a video of me at work at my youtube channel, check out my images and style do you like the colours and styling I use? Do you like the poses I do, all snug and simple?  Am in your price range?  if so feel free to email me at or use my contact form with any questions.

Please do not regret booking a newborn shoot whether it is with me or another Norwich photographer, those early days whizz by!


Newborn Photographer - posing babies safely

Newborn Photographer - posing babies safely

I have invested in one-to-one training for my newborn photography, I feel it really has been vital to the business to learn about posing babies safely. Not only does training give you confidence and lots of guidance. It really teaches the skills you to pose babies safely. Although I keep my images simple and natural,  a few poses I set up need a spotter (usually mum or dad) or for them to lightly hold baby's head see the examples below.

I am a member of The Baby And Newborn Photographers Association.

They are a great organisation promoting the awareness of newborn safety during photoshoots.

They educate and empower photographers to work safely with newborn babies. In their directory, you can find local photographers to you. They have written some short blogs on safety too.

You can also find out who trains in newborn photography on their website.

I recently tried a new pose,  of a baby in dads hands. Through my training, I knew that behind the final image was a safely held baby in Daddy's lap as you can see.


safety 3


I rarely use props but I do love this setup, in the final image you cannot see that there is a spotter sitting very close to the toddler in case he suddenly moves. The basket is also weighted down so that it will not topple over.




I, like many photographers, invest heavily in training not just around lighting and photoshop, but how to work with babies safely.  When looking for a baby photographer please look at their images to see if the babies look happy and comfy. Also, ask people for recommendations,  nearly all my bookings come from word of mouth.

Here my promo video of me at work, It is always a  good idea to look at a photographers website and testimonials. I have written a choosing a baby photographer choosing the right newborn photographer for your family and safety is a point I emphasise.


Newborn photography looks easy, but as many of my clients know it is not that simple. It takes time and a lot of patience and safety always comes first!


Jess x

What happens at a newborn photography shoot?

What happens at a newborn photography shoot? Baby studio Norwich.

I hope reading what happens at a newborn photography shoot at my studio (Norwich) is like, will help ease any worries. When a client books with me,  I have a chat via email or phone with them and explain a little about newborn sessions. I then send an information sheet before the shoot on what to except and hopefully answer any questions. I have a promo video of me working with a newborn please click here to view.

Below is a typical newborn session.

10 am clients arrive with their ickle baby and I invite them into the studio and whilst they unpack I make a cuppa and chat through what they would like from the session.

10.15am If the baby is asleep, I will undress baby and I place them on the bean bag and start to get those cute sleepy images. Or the baby may want a fed. While the baby is feeding I chat with the parents and ask how the labour went- I never tire of hearing birth stories.















10.30 After the feed and winding we sometimes do the parents & family images especially if there is a young child/siblings. Then Dad or a grandparent can take the siblings out for a while and Mum and i focus on the baby.  Or we do the parent images at the end of the shoot,  its lead by baby and you the parents.



11 am Baby led - I really do go with the baby, and if your baby is awake and chilled I will get the awake shoots on the bean bag, shoot from above on a rug and change setups. Once I have taken the awake shots and baby starts to get sleepy. I will then settle the baby into a nice sleep and move them gently into some poses. Below is a mixture of recent newborn shoots, the babies aged between 11 days and 4 weeks old.



11.30  Baby by now may need a top up fed, even if they have just been fed being a model is thirsty work and may need a little break.



11.45 Sometime a baby will not settle on the bean bag, as long as the baby is relaxed and happy I will take photos. But if your baby is unhappy I will try and settle the baby/wind / fed them first. I go first rather than the Mum - as they can smell their milk and also sense they may be anxious (I'm a mum too and know how much it means to you to get these precious photos).  I love baby cuddles and want parents to sit back and chill, it really is a joy to settle a baby back to sleep or bring their wind up ready for some awake shots!


12.00 About 75% of the time I have had a blanket change or three by now because of popping or wees, and this is not a problem! Parents always apologise but I’m soooo used to it and own a good washing machine and tumble dryer ;-) If the parents want, I add a few hats and headbands but my style is simple, neutral and timeless. I always like to get some macros shots of the little details.


12.30 session ends and I have a goodbye cuddle! most of my sessions last 2-2.5 hours.

baby sleep on blanket










Here are a few FAQs I often get asked:

When should I book the session? Ideally before your baby is here as I work part time I get booked up quite quickly, but after your 20-week scan or sooner is fine.

Why does a newborn shoot take 2-2.5 hours? I do not rush, it can take time to get sibling shoots and to then settle a baby into a deep sleep. Along with blankets changes, feeds and nappy changes time soon whizzes by! I find my sessions hardly ever take longer than 3hours but I ask parents to allow plenty of time. Also to get the little hands uncurled and babies moved into position takes time and patience.

What training have you had? I have trained with one of the UK’s leading newborn photographers and have been a pro level member of the British Association of Newborn Photographers.

My baby is 3 weeks old am I too late to have a newborn session? No not at all, ideally we photograph newborns in the first 14 days because they are still very sleepy and curled up from being in the womb. However, I book newborn shoots up to 3 weeks old. After 3 weeks I would advise you to book my newborn mini package for babies aged 3-12 weeks old.

Do I need to bring anything like hats etc? Not really, unless you have anything special to have photographed with your baby, I have hats, headbands here, I will also send you an info pack when you book which covers what you need to bring.

Are siblings allowed at the shoot? YES! I love capturing families and the love between siblings. I do ask that if possible one parent can take the older siblings out to the park so they do not disturb the sleeping baby. There is no extra cost, the majority of the session is dedicated to the newborn baby.

How long do I have to wait to view my gallery/images? Usually, your gallery link will be sent within a week but no more than 2 weeks.  Please see my full price-list.


I hope you have found it useful to read what happens at a newborn photography shoot, I do work differently to other photographers and for more information or to book a newborn shoot email me at or you can use my contact form.


Jess xx



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