Christmas Mini Sessions

Christmas Mini Sessions 2015

xmas mini


I have finally sorted my Christmas Mini Session dates and times, below is all the information you should need , but if you have any questions please contact me.

These are designed to allow you to have some beautiful images of your child/ children,  perfect to give as gifts for Christmas or to treat yourself and display proudly in your home. Unlike my other mini sessions these are shorter sessions with one outfit change and a max 10 images to choose from.


They will take place Saturday 7th November and Friday 4th December at various times throughout the day.  When you email to book , I will inform you what times are left/ available.


baby and child portraits-4


A 25 minute mini session & 5 images sent via email/download the cost is £95, a few day after the session you will be sent a gallery link to view all your images . From this you can choose your 5 images to be sent via digital download, straight to your computer, you can purchase  the rest please see below.

The number of images is dependent on the little one on the day but you can expect 5-10 as a rough guide. Due to the time limited nature of the session where a child may become shy or unwilling no guarantees are offered to provide a specified number. You can purchase any extra images for £25 . Images include  with print permission to print as you wish.

A deposit of £20 is required upfront to secure your slot. The rest of payment is due on the day , Lisa my assistant will be on hand to take payments and spread some Christmas Joy ! mince pies and cake will be supplied !





At my home studio in Sprowston, Norwich.




I have set up my sessions so that we start off with the Christmas theme images (I have some props:  bunting , sleigh, lights to give a Christmas feel but not over the top) . I then move these out of the way,  to finish with some classic and timeless portraits  that last all year . This has proved popular - I will send you a detailed info sheet on what to bring, clothes that work well and my full address.





These sessions are not suitable for newborns,  but great for babies 12 weeks and older, there is space for up to 4 siblings in my studio or a family of 4 (with one child being a non walker).



to book please email at or use the contact form on my website.  I will then send you a booking form with payment details and avalible slots to choose from.


I have emailed my previous clients first and already some slots have gone, so be quick!


Jess xx





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Shhhh do you want to know a secret?

Shhhhhhhhhh  do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell?


Guest blog by Ann from About Birth and Babies
Did you know that if you look on any parenting forum you may find people are asking questions about their baby and sleep; some have discovered through experimentation that their baby will sleep on his side or tummy – but not for long on his back – and are worried about whether this is ok. Other concerns relate to wind, colic, reflux and head moulding.

Mothers know that newborn babies like to sleep curled up, often in a foetal position, and preferably in someone’s arms or very close to them. The breast feeding mother knows that her baby sleeps really well next to her in bed, often on his side or back, and she curls round him in a protective C position. Fathers know that their babies sleep really well on their tummies, on his chest.

After 40 years as a mother and grandmother, and 25 years as an antenatal teacher, I have my own thoughts and beliefs about what babies like.

However, it is difficult to express them when current advice on sleep position is completely inflexible. I believe many midwives and health visitors have the same problem, they have clear instruction on what can be said. Please read lullaby for more information.

So, what am I to do when parents ask for my thoughts on the fact that the only sleep they’ve had in the weeks since their baby’s birth, is when they sleep propped up with him on their chests? The obvious suggestion is to try the baby on his side or tummy, in his crib, feet to foot with appropriate bedding. They are already doing something that is NOT recommended, so would these alternatives be any more or less risky?









I find myself hesitant in recommending this, and a Health Visitor almost definitely will not. However, if the parents consult parenting forums they may find a whole bunch of parents are saying “it’s fine actually – that’s what we do – just don’t tell”. Is this satisfactory?

SIDS Risk Factors

There are many risk factors associated with SIDS but we still don’t understand exactly what causes it– sleeping position is the easiest message to give in a catchy phrase, I believe that is what makes it seem to be most important, but in fact it may not be.

Lots of research (click here for a link ) shows top of the risk list is exposure to smoking before and/or after birth. Others relate to the baby's general health and well being and the sleeping environment.


Baby’s Sleeping Position

The question parents would like answered is "does the prone (tummy lying) position, in the absence of other risk factors, present such a problem?" It is pretty much impossible to say because we are so entrenched in the “Back to Sleep” philosophy that nobody will discuss this, and because research is often unable to separate out all the above.


A little bit of history

It is difficult to find older baby books which give much guidance on how to lie a baby down. Backs, sides and tummies are all variously recommended for different reasons over the years

From the 1950s, one paragraph in The Care of Young Babies by Dr John Gibbens:

“Warm and snug as he was in the womb, he responds best for the first week or two to the snug fit of swaddling clothes, to being wrapped up cosily in a shawl, and tucked up on his side with his fists clenched and his knees drawn well up.”

From 1968 “The Baby Book”, an early version of the Bounty Book, every other page has an advert for formula milks or bottles and breast feeding is not promoted.

“Quite a number of babies prefer sleeping on their stomachs, and this position often helps when baby has colic pains. It’s also rather safer than sleeping on the back, because a young baby may vomit and choke on it in that position”.

By 1996 NCT’s Becoming a Family gives the topic only one line but still allows side sleeping:

“Place your baby on her back, or her side, to sleep” but does also say “Don’t smoke near her and don’t let anyone smoke in the house”.

So – hang on a minute – in the 60s breastfeeding was not thought important and formulas were not as well modified as now, and we were advising putting babies on their tummies? Also, many people smoked in the house, polyester bedding and central heating arrived, more premature babies survived; one cannot help wondering whether there was an increase in SIDS at this time and whether the dramatic decline from 1992 was due to multiple changes.

Tracy Hogg (Secrets of the Baby Whisperer) in 2001 was obviously giving a nod to the current “safe sleep” advice; however her Tip in the sleep chapter says:

“I usually suggest putting a baby down on her back. However, you can also put her to sleep on her side by wedging her with two rolled-up towels . . .” she later adds “If she sleeps on her side, make sure it’s not always the same side”

She doesn’t say why, but I assume this was because babies settle better like this and to avoid plagiocephaly (head moulding) which was becoming a real issue since sleeping on backs was introduced.

Side sleeping has since been ruled out after a study indicated it resulted in more infant deaths, perhaps babies were rolling onto their tummies? Dr Sears discusses this sleep problems, but is still happy to recommend parents are not put off using this position to help babies sleep.










What now?

In the past mothers and fathers probably had more confidence to experiment and find the position in which their baby slept best. When side and tummy positions were allowed they were said to help with ‘3 month colic’ which was considered normal, with advice on winding and gripe water; however we had never heard of reflux or plagiocephaly. (I need another blog for these two!)

Current advice is detailed and specific, meaning that informed decision making is very difficult for parents; because there is no discussion of alternatives. Anecdotal information from other parents contradicts what the health professionals tell us.

So - what are parents to do?

I might just point them to an article I stumbled upon last week and which prompted this blog; it tries to put the risk of prone sleeping into perspective: Sorting out SIDS and sleep position

My comment was that he should have mentioned side sleeping as that is always gong to be my position of preference!!

Ann Roberts
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baby portraits norfolk

Newborn babies, twins and more

Newborn babies, twins and more

I have been trying to keep my blogs a bit varied recently with guest blogs from LauraJamie , Adventures of Adam and reviews on local places such as Dotty Pottery. If you wish to guest blog please let me know!

But i also miss showing off all the cute babies and toddlers that I have been lucky enough to capture. The last couple of months have been very varied. With family outdoor shoots, four twin sessions and lots of newborn babies too. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop on outdoor photo shoots with Sarah J. Evans in May, to read how the workshop went please click here.


I am currently running a cake smash offer,  unlike a normal birthday session. This session is a mini session with less props , less outfits  but just as fun and messy. Please contact me too book.


I have not blogged any images in a while , below is a quick overview of the last few months!

First up Tallulah, she barely woke to say hi and was a little beauty. I kept this session simple and used lots of new fabrics, as well as a new prop .   I love them babies all snuggled!


baby photos Norwich (8)

baby photos Norwich (20)

baby photos Norwich (25)

baby photos Norwich (38)


Next up baby Jacob , I photographed his brother Zac as a newborn . It was brilliant to be booked again and photograph these little heart breakers together.

Clients who book another newborn session with me recieve 50% off their session fee !

baby photographer Norfolk   baby photographer Norfolk

Here is Louie, hes booked on my baby plan I adore watching these babies grow up!

child photographer norwich child photographer norwich

Little Edie - look at those cheeks & curled up all snug !

child photographer norwichchild photographer norwichchild photographer norwich

Kenyon and Scarlet my first boy/girl twins.  I adored their session they were soo sleepy, perfect and had smitten parents! if you are pregnant with twins and wish to discuss a newborn session please contact me.

Twin photographer Norfolk Twin photographer Norfolk Twin photographer Norfolkfamily photographer Norfolk-19

Next up, cheeky and happy Felix rocked his cake smash session.

cake smash Norfolk  Cake smash Norfolk

*sigh* baby Archie showing that simple is just divine!

family photographer Norfolk-31 family photographer Norfolk-32 family photographer Norfolk-33

Marley and his proud big brothers - love love love !

baby portraits norfolk baby portraits norfolk baby portraits norfolk

For Vanessa's maternity shoot we mixed it up with some woodland images and some in the studio, I think you will agree she looks amazing! read my bump blog here and considering capturing your bump.

maternity photographer Norfolk maternity photographer Norfolk maternity photographer Norfolk maternity photographer Norfolk

I haven't shared all my sessions but above are some highlights, as always.  I am grateful to those that book me over the vast amount of photographers. I have many returning clients who recommend me and its a fab feeling to find out more about me click here and read a little guide to booking a newborn photographer.



Thanks for reading and looking


Jess xx



Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig World - is it good for babies as well as Toddlers?!

Yes , it is awesome for all ages!

We went to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park recently . My two children aged 2 & 4 years old loved it . We saw children of all ages from newborn , crawling babies and little ones toddling about/ We also saw 4  large groups of school children around 10 years old whizzing about .

Peppa pig World toddlers Peppa pig World toddlers

We booked their 2 for 1 short break offer and stayed at a nearby hotel, it costs us around £230 for 2 nights hotel, breakfast and 2 days entry to Peppa Pig world. We were delayed on our first day (Lila had travel sickness ) . This meant we got their later than planned. Our first day was from midday until 5.30pm closing time  , and day two from opening time 10am until closing again. Time really did fly by. I believe you need the two days to discover all that Peppa pig world and Paultons Park has to offer .


Peppa pig World toddlers Peppa pig World toddlers Peppa pig World toddlers

I found their website a bit rubbish to be honest , the app you can download is good and helpful!  The opening times vary over the year , we went term time when it is open 10am - 5.30pm . Therefore, we hardly queued longer than 10minutes for any ride. I can imagine going at peak times with small children must be hard. My two found it hard sometimes to 'wait for your turn' if you have non school children I would go term time.


There is a great soft play area if you need to get out of the sunshine for a while- take socks for the kiddies !


Peppa pig World toddlersPeppa pig World-20Peppa pig World-16

Also we went on a lot of the rides in the afternoon, and that might have helped with queue time,  as i imagine the smaller children nap or go home earlier.

Peppa pig World toddlers Peppa pig World-8 Peppa pig World toddlers

We spent the morning in the splash park, jumping on trampolines, and bouncy castles. There is lots of room for picnics and pretty gardens and some animals and birds to view.

Peppa pig World toddlers Peppa pig World toddlers


I really did not rate the food from the station cafe it cost us £22 for 4 of us to have some lunch which wasn't very filling. The next day we popped to Sainburys and took lunch with us - much cheaper option! which leads me onto...


Here are my top tips for making the most of Peppa Pig World

  • Book the 2 for 1 option
  • Take a packed lunch or at least lots of snacks
  • The lockers are £1 which they keep , handy though to save time popping back to car
  • Take swim suits for your children to play in the big splash park at Paultons Park and the muddy puddle area at Peppa pig world (sadly there are no proper changing rooms)
  • Take socks for the soft play area - my two loved it !
  • have lots of fun Peppa is not my favourite tv show but the place is awesome we had lots of fun!
  • Take a small bag for belongings and leave a backpack/ big bags on the pushchair, we left our pushchair loads to go on rides , it was handy to have our stuff safe on me.


Peppa pig World toddlers Peppa pig World toddlers

Jess x