Older baby and family photography sessions with me

Older baby and family photography sessions with me

Older baby and family photography sessions with me

It has been a while since I blogged, so it felt like a good time for a refresher, I’m Jess, a Norwich based family and baby photographer. I’ve been capturing newborns and families for many years. I work from my home studio which is a sanctuary of calm compared to my adjoining house where I live with my husband, 2 children and Groot our beautiful doggy!

baby and family

Covid, it robbed us all of so much didn’t it?

For me, it has impacted not only my business in the obvious way but also the opportunity for so many parents to capture their babies and create lasting memories through my photography. Each booking that had to be cancelled was devastating back then, but it got me to thinking about how we shouldn’t just focus on newborn photography but embrace the wonderful bits that come after that.

Let me tell you why capturing milestones across the full first year of life is just as important and exciting as photographing a newborn.

Older babies, and older babies with family sessions are beyond delicious.

They may not feature the same baby wrinkles, or the sleepy squishiness of a new born photography session, but oh my, they capture so much more… as babies get older and start to show us their personalities, their likes and dislikes, their expressions, their body language and more it’s a wonderful time to capture milestones in a way you may have never thought too.

baby and family

Anyone coming to a photography session at my studio in Norwich; with older babies can opt to have a family session (yes mums, get in the pictures… you wont believe how much time you spend behind the camera as they grow up.) and I offer a variety of options from ‘older babies’ 6-9 months, to baby and family shoot which range from 4 months to toddlerhood.

As someone with a family myself and being highly trained and experienced, I want you to trust that I am intuitive with your session and won’t rush or push in any way.

baby and family

I know that Covid has brought about a generation of potentially less outgoing babies and toddlers, of children who haven’t had the opportunity to engage socially as they would pre 2020 and that’s why the first and most important thing to day is that everything we do at my photography studio is led by you and your child/ren.

We take our time, we relax, we have fun with it… gentle placing and posing comes first and if that’s not ok with them then we stop, we eat snacks, I encourage family hugs (not with me of course!) and we try only when everyone is feeling relaxed.

baby and family photos

The very best thing about this age, is you may have a child who is sitting up! Making this a wonderful age to photograph, capturing cheeky smiles, and from my experience little ones at this age have a real desire to interact, showing off all their newly learnt skills.


It’s always I important to me that you know about my training and experience, too often you hear about people simply ‘becoming’ baby photographers without taking the time to equip themselves with the skills required. From my perspective, this is an ongoing education and I will never not be learning in my industry.

baby and family

When it comes to any of my shoots, its about your child, not props, I want to celebrate older babies in all their uniqueness and for that I don’t need tutus and baskets, simply a simple blanket and a family (if you are having a group shot)

I always encourage anyone looking to book a natural baby shoot to get in touch first and ask all the questions you need to ensure I’m the right person for you!

baby and family

To book your photography shoot, please email me via my contact form.


If you’re looking for a NewbornMaternityCake Smash or Family Photographer.


Then find out more by clicking the button below or visit my Instagram account to see some examples of recent work.


Love, Jess x

aby photographer Norfolk

Baby Portrait Photography and The milestone you have to capture

Baby Portrait Photography and The milestone you have to capture


Baby Portrait Photography and the milestones you have to capture at my fully equipped baby studio in Norwich. What do I mean by milestones? If you’re a parent, or a proud auntie or uncle, you’ll know that there’s something truly magical about newborn babies. Images of newborn babies sleeping peacefully are enough to melt the hardest of hearts and capturing this fleeting part of a child’s life is a fantastic way to keep a part of your newborn forever.


As children become more confident and begin to babble and move on their own, the opportunities for capturing unique images only increase. Once babies reach the age of six to nine months, they’re able to sit up all by themselves. Having a photoshoot done at this stage, at my lovely cosy home studio in Norwich,  gives you the opportunity to capture some truly special images, giving you a memory you can treasure forever.


Capturing your baby’s personality at a Baby Portrait Photography shoot at my studio in Norwich.


When babies begin to hold themselves up, smile and interact with the people around them, their personalities really begin to shine. With a little gentle coaxing, most babies of this age will grin for the camera. These heartfelt, toothless smiles (or with one or two tooth pegs peeking out ) are truly priceless. They show the child’s developing personality and make for spectacular photos.


As well as smiling, this stage of a baby’s life often involves a lot of toe grabbing. A photo of a baby munching on their tiny feet is a fantastic memento of this precious period and is a must-have for all proud parents out there.

Baby Portrait Photography


Smile or no smile

 Sessions are fun and not forced, I am all about capturing your child as they are, whether it's a gorgeous serious face and or their joy as we play a game of peek-a-boo.

As sessions are relaxed and fun, they’re enjoyable for both the parents and children, making for a great family experience.

Baby Portrait Photography











Sitter sessions


If you’d like to capture timeless images of your child as they grow, a sitter session is a perfect choice. Full baby sessions with siblings can be booked at any time at the studio I am based in Sprowston, Norwich. And for a limited time only in September Sitter mini sessions are available, ensuring there’s an option to suit you and your baby perfectly. Be quick and book here.






If your child isn’t quite at the sitting stage, give us a call to discuss our Watch me Grow package and the other sessions we offer at my home studio in Norwich.


Jess x

birthday girl

What happens at a Birthday shoot?

What happens at a Birthday shoot at my Norwich Baby Studio?

A birthday shoot is a great way to mark your child's birthday with some adorable and timeless images, these are taken at my home studio.  I can also hold the shoot outdoors which I recommend for on the go 2& 3-year-olds.

If you do not like the idea of a Cake Smash, book a studio session at packages start from £200 and mention it's your child's birthday soon and we can add some extra fun for him/her.

Birthday photoshoot Norwich

The packages are either 30 minutes or 1 hour and include time for sibling and family images. Although the majority of the session is focused on the birthday girl or boy.


I advise parents on what outfit choices work best,  and what to bring via email before the photoshoot and my full address studio is in Nr7 Norwich. Many parents already have outfits in mind or use my website to get ideas. I find simple colours like navy, pastel colours, creams and ivory work well for a lot of the setups.

If parents have a fun birthday outfit such as tutu dress, cap and braces they can bring them along too. I have even had a Gruffalo costume brought along - this gives parents a lovely and varied gallery of images.  We often have time for 2-3 outfit changes.

Birthday photoshoot Norwich

I am not heavily focused on props as you may have noticed. My style is very much simple, timeless and focused on the baby/child.  But I have some lovely little props, chairs, and stall. Which compliment the birthday shoot,  and are not too distracting from the birthday boy/girl.


Babies and Toddlers love my little wooden blocks below, made by a local business. Some parents bring bunting and balloons - it's up to you! We can also use my little bathtub if you would like some fun bubble images - see below.


A birthday shoot at my home studio Norwich can be booked via email info@jesswilkinsphotography.co.uk or my contact form, ideally, get in touch 6-8 weeks before your child's birthday as I can get busy and booked up ahead.

Birthday photoshoot Norwich

If you would love some timeless images with an experienced child photographer please do get in touch, I'd love to capture your little one and family.

Jess x


Birthday shoot Norwich

Norwich Newborn baby studio- a sneak peek

Norwich Newborn baby studio - a sneak peek

For those that do not know my newborn studio is at my home in Norwich, Norfolk.  It is not the biggest but it has everything you need when bringing your baby here for his/her very first photo shoot. I have nappies, wipes and provide hot tea and coffee and biscuits (when covid restrictions allowed)


I have everything on hand my favourite blankets and wraps. I wrote a blog on 'What to look for when booking a baby newborn photographer' in the blog I write about my style.  As you can see below the colours I use are soft and natural. A lot of photographers rock bright colours & large props and setups. If this is what you would like then I would not book me, and that's okay!  I use a little colour as you can see white and neutrals are so so timeless!


I adore texture, and use wraps to snugly curl your baby, tuck them in and if they are a little unsettled a wrap can help them feel secure !

I love delicate headbands and tiebacks, these do not distract away from the baby but add a little cuteness to newborn girls.

newborn baby studio


I follow lots of prop pages but tend to use 4 or 5 sellers regularly I know the hats &  outfits fit snugly and are very well made. These little rompers are a favourite with parents.

I hope this blog gives you a little peek into my home studio , after being mobile for 2 years when i first started out. I am proud of my studio and love my small collection of vests, wraps etc they compliment my style which is the main reason people book me - if you are pregnant and wish to discuss booking a newborn shoot please email me at info@jesswilkinsphotography.co.uk or use the contact me page!


Jess xxx



baby asleep

2015 end of year blog - lots of babies, bumps, toddlers and families

Norwich Photographer reflection of 2015 end of year blog - lots of babies, bumps, toddlers and families


Wow what an incredible year again, I feel very lucky to have captured from my Norwich studio so many babiesbumps, toddlers and families.  I wish I could share an image from each session but there isn't time or space below are a few from the last year, from babies to outdoor shoots.

Thanks to all my lovely loyal clients who keep coming back, and also keep referring me to friends and family you really are ace !

I am giving the studio a little revamp over the new year and spending lots of time with the family. The kiddies are so excited this year for Christmas. I hope you all have a great one too especially if it is your first a family .

First up, some black and white imagery, I love how timeless they are whatever age your child is.

Children photographer Norwich Children photographer Norwich

Next, a few images of the outdoor shoots I took on location across Norfolk, these take place somewhere personal to you as a family or at one of my suggested locations. I am nearly fully booked at springtime already for family shoots outdoors  - very chuffed!

Family photographer Norwich Family photographer Norwich Family photographer Norwich Family photographer Norwich toddlers and familiestoddlers and families

Maternity shoots - I keep them simple and classic

Family photographer Norwich Norwich

Baby shoots - I tend to photograph babies from 4 months onwards after the typical newborn stage (up to 4 weeks old) by this age they start to show their real characters like tummy time, and after that, as they get older so many changes. They begin to crawl, eat their toes, pull themselves up.


toddler photographer Norwich (1)-2

For those that follow me on social media will know I love the little details of a baby. Ickle baby toes, little flakes of skin, pouty lips all these things are so new and special.

toddlers and families Norwich best baby photographer Norfolk Children photographer Norwich-38 best baby photographer Norfolk   Children photographer Norwich-29 Children photographer Norwich-19 Child photographer Norfolk (12)  Child photographer Norfolk (52) Children photographer Norwich-11


how lucky am I my job is awesome? keep scrolling ...  best baby photographer Norfolk Children photographer Norwich-3   keep scrolling for some offers on newborn photoshoots...  best baby photographer Norfolk


I wish I could share more but I could go on and on please follow my twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up-to-date in 2016.





Jess x



10 ways to keep kiddies occupied over the Summer

10 ways to keep kiddies occupied over the Summer Holidays - Norwich blogger Adventures of Adam

Keeping children occupied over the Summer holidays can seem an impossible task, especially without costing a small fortune. At Adventures of Adam we aim to create play activities that "don't cost the earth but will mean the world to your little one.  Here are our top 10 ways to keep summer boredom at bay come rain or shine.


Outdoor Play Ideas

Outside play lends itself to messy or wet play. With more space available it means activities can be on a larger scale.

Summer outside activities for Jess

1. DIY Water Wall - Grab some recycled plastic bottles, a few screws and a hammer to create your own DIY Water Wall. Experiment with different ways to get the water to fall through the bottles. Hours of free fun!

2. Easy To Make Water Bombs - Summer wouldn't be complete without a water fight. These water bombs are incredibly easy to make and are really effective at holding lots of water. They are cheap too so you can create several.

3.Paint Splat - Place paper in a Tuff Spot or attach it to the pavement and squeeze dots of paint across the paper. Give your little one a fly squatter and get them to splat the paint. It is a great activity to get rid of excess energy and creates a fantastic masterpiece.

4. Ice Cream Play - Summer wouldn't be Summer without ice cream so why not set up your own ice cream parlour. Use frozen shaving foam, Neapolitan play dough and icing sugar to create a pretend ice cream before decorating it with coconut sprinkles.

5. Animal Balloon Herding - Decorate pink, yellow and white balloons to make them look like pigs, chickens and sheep. Let the animal balloons loose outside and see if your kiddies can herd them into different areas of the garden.


10 ways to keep kiddies occupied over the Summer Holidays - Norwich 

If the weather gets too hot or too wet then bring the play inside. Cabin fever will not set in with these activities though.


Indoor Summer play

1. DIY Car Track - The DIY Car Track busy bag is incredibly easy to make. Cut a rubber door mat into equal sized strips, paint on white lines and you have a car track that can be formed in several ways. car track  for a video tutorial.


2. Make your own Coloured Rain Cloud -  If the Summer weather is as wet as it usually is why not bring a bit of colour to your own rain clouds. Pour water into a clear container and place shaving foam on top. Then squirt small amounts of food colouring onto the shaving foam. Your kiddies will love watching the food colouring seep into the shaving foam and drop into the water.

3. Ways to play with Water Beads -  Water beads, otherwise known as Crystal Soil or Gel Balls, are water retaining gel that florists use to keep cut flowers alive in vases. You soak the crystals in a bowl of water for a few hours or over night and they expand and turn into slippery squishy marbles. Why not create an obstacle course from recycled materials for your little ones to explore the water beads in different ways.

4. Rainbow Shaving Foam Bath Painting -  If you like the idea of painting but hate the thought of clearing up afterwards then why not take the paint into the bathroom. Mix in some shaving foam, add a small roller paint brush and create rainbows in the bath or on the bathroom wall. If you are concerned about the paint staining add a small drop of washing up liquid to the paint. Cleaning up is easy  - simply turn on the shower to wash the paint away.

5. Fybogel Slime - This DIY slime is sure to keep your kiddies occupied over the summer - plus it is easy to make. Simply heat sachets of Fybogel (constipation medication available from pharmacies) with water and then wait for it to cool. Why not add a variety of small objects to the Fybogel slime. Our favourite is Alphabet Slime!


For further play activities check out Adventures of Adam. We have plenty more outdoor play ideas to keep little ones occupied and over. There certainly is something for everyone!


thanks Emma for your 10 ways to keep kiddies occupied over the Summer Holidays - Norwich blogger Adventures of Adam

To contact me for a shoot please email me here.