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20 Weeks Scan

What is the question you’ve been asked most when pregnant?

I honestly thought, having two girls, that the question I would get asked most would be, ‘So, you’re trying for a boy then?’ but instead, when we’ve told people we’re having a third, most people have gone with something along the lines of, ‘Are you mental?’ – ha!

If I’m completely honest, one of the reasons I REALLY wanted a third was because my mum’s friend is one of 3 girls and I loved the idea of my two being part of a trio of sisters when they grow up.  Obviously I can’t guarantee that they’ll all get on and want to be friends, but that’s what I’m going to aim for…we just have to get through the teenage years!

The second question we’ve been asked most is, ‘Are you going to find out what you’re having?’.  We waited the full 40+8 weeks and 39+5 weeks to find out what the girls were and there was nothing quite like having my husband tell me they were girls when they ‘popped’ out - in fact these are some of my favourite memories from their birthdays. 

But this time round, I thought maybe we should find out and have a different experience by knowing what flavour the little bun in the oven is.  Friends that I’ve spoken to have said the moment of birth wasn’t any less special because they already knew what they were having, it was still a surprise when they found out at the 20-week scan…and I was SO TEMPTED when the scan came.  We still weren’t sure whether we would find out as the sonographer was checking the little bun over, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to say those words, ‘Tell us!’.

And then it was done, scan complete, gender still a mystery.  I have no idea what I’m looking at for those scans…was that a gender part? Why does my unborn baby resemble a turkey? Is that a foot or an arm?

All will be revealed at the end of June and one thing is for sure, whether it’s a boy or a girl, it’ll be part of our very own trio.


Kartin aka Norwich Mumbler

guest blogger Norfolk

Guest blogger -  Our 20 weeks scan 

Guest blogger -  Our 20 weeks scan 


Our 20 week scan, another opportunity to see our beautiful growing baby, we’re already more in Love then we ever could have imagined. Seeing our baby’s little hand almost wave at us whilst having a yawn was amazing to see. Since having our scan i can now feel kicks and movements, i think i could feel smaller versions of this before but i didn’t quite realise how big my baby was, i thought i could just feel gas… oops sorry baby. Baby enjoys cold drinks and sweet treats so i have a lot of those to keep baby entertained.


So did we find out?... We didn’t! But it was hard not to have a sneaky peek.


So now it’s time to look into pregnancy classes, my midwife recommended for us to book onto Birth and Babies for my antenatal and i’ve had other recommendations for Hypnobirthing. I’m very excited to start Hypnobirthing, i feel this is the only way i could possibly get through labour! I’ve also signed onto Pregnancy Yoga to help with my posture, to help strengthen my back muscles and for pure relaxation.


Since i found out i was pregnant i’ve suffered with immense back pain, (standing up all day with my profession sure doesn’t help either) so i’ve started physiotherapy at the Jenny Lind department in hope i can figure a way to fix the pain…


I’m really enjoying my pregnancy journey but i’m slightly struggling with the HEAT! It’s so hot! I shouldn’t complain really but i’m assuming i’m not the only baby mumma trying to avoid sunshine like a vampire. The table fan is my new best friend! Like how my “BB HUG ME’ (pregnancy pillow) is my new ‘boyfriend’.


So now for my next Midwife appointment!

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Guest blogger - 17 weeks pregnant

Guest blogger - 17 weeks pregnant - we welcome back Chelsea and catch up on her pregnancy...
Wow! Time is going quickly!
I'm now 17 weeks pregnant and It's so nice to feel more like my original self, no more ‘starvation’ feelings (when I had just finished my massive ham, cheese and pickle baguette for lunch) - still my ultimate craving! and the ‘sicky’ feeling has just about sloped off.
My 16 week midwife appointment...
I was really looking forward to this appointment as I knew I could hear my baby's heartbeat during this checkup. Hearing my baby's beautiful singing heartbeat for the first time was amazing. My whole body was filled with utter love and contentment mixed with relief that everything was going well.
I’ve been a constant worrier the entire duration of my pregnancy so far, I'm loving every second of it but I want to make sure I'm not doing/eating anything that could jeopardize the health of my unborn child. I'm writing this blog on whilst on my last ‘couples’ holiday before we become a family, I was terrified about going through the airport security as I was always told they use X-ray scanners… THEY DON'T! I was unbelievably upset after explaining to security that I was pregnant and was told to go through anyway… but it was honestly fine, this is where my superhero husband comes back to calm me with soothing words and reassurance. I've turned into a total shadow of the person I was before, but I'm becoming a mum and I'm getting used to my motherly emotions.
So… When do my weird cravings start?! I kinda like the idea of an obscure ‘must have’ and sending my husband out on errands to find a fix for my latest craze! That's what he's there for right?... jokes aside he's been my rock, he has done so for the past 11 years and it's become more apparent how lucky I am with him being so ‘cool’ about my mood swings, hanger pains and my new frustration at not being able to do the simplest of things.
I now have the start of a beautiful little bump and I love showing it off! I've actually quite enjoyed searching for ‘maternity’ wear as I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of finding something fashionable and flattering (which is difficult when looking at maternity wear, you literally go from topshop fashion to middle aged fashion). I still want to feel ‘in’ with the world whilst parading my bump proudly and elegantly.
I've never wanted to wish the year away before, but November can't come quick enough! I can't wait and I'm definitely a summer lover.
So… 20 week scan in 3 weeks time! The question is do we find out?!....
An adventure has already begun, why not ride the train and find out who you have been waiting for at the end of the ‘tunnel’.
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gender reveal

Pregnant guest blogger : gender reveal she is having a ...........

My lovey pregnant guest blogger,  Rachael is back at 26 weeks pregnant and with her gender reveal.  I have to admit that I’m beginning to envy Queen Elsa with her “…the cold never bothered me anyway”. I am officially freezing. The cold wind these past few weeks has been a little tricky when you don’t have a coat the fits over an ever growing bump!


These past few weeks has seen the start of organising for the new arival. Starting with a new car. We went with a Citreon Grand Picasso C4. A true ‘Mummy Wagon’. But I actually really like it (totally showing my age here).


gender reveal









I’ve also been researching car seats and sorting through mountains, and I mean MOUNTAINS of clothes. We have cupboards bursting full of 4 years worth of clothes , from when the older 2 were babies.  I even made hubby tile the bathroom – nesting much?


We’ve had our 25 week midwife appointment. Our midwife has been through our previous pregnancies with us , so she’s pretty relaxed about this new addition. So far she’s not hopping about too much, regarding me having a GTT test  . Which I’ve had to have,  multiple times with the other two. She’s also (thus far) given me the all clear for an MLBU birth . Which,  following previous hemorrhages and pregnancy complications is a real bonus! I’m absolutely aiming for my MLBU, waterbirth and hypnobirth this time.


Now to the part that most people have been waiting to know, what are we having?!


I’ll give you a hint with the image I took below:


gender reveal









The girls in the house will officially be outnumbered! Truth be told,  I have found parenting a boy quite a bit harder than a girl. I’m hoping this boy is just a little bit calmer. And my goodness it HAS TO SLEEP!


By the time you hear from me again, I’ll be in the final stretch at 30 weeks. It’s beginning to get pretty uncomfortable at times , with rather painful SPD which I’ve not had before. I think this is my body's way of saying ‘STOP NOW PLEASE’! Come on weather,  warm up for this mumma!


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Jess x







3d scan

20 week scan & 3d scan - Rachael my pregnant guest blogger is back

20 week scan & 3d scan - Rachael my pregnant guest blogger is back.

Guest blog:

Hi everyone! So its been 6 weeks since my last update! How fast has that gone? I’d like to say it’s been a fairly boring stretch. But not so much! Bleeds, scans, 3d scan, hospital admissions, chicken pox & Christmas, just a few things to juggle.


Since my last update we have had the privilege of seeing our little person 3 times on scans. When I was 17 weeks I woke up in the night at about 11pm and genuinely thought I had wet myself.  When I nipped to the bathroom and discovered it was infact blood. My heart jumped into my throat. Given our miscarriage in June I was instantly convinced that our pregnancy had come to an end. I woke up hubby, called medicom (who advised we go and see the Gynae doc on Cley Ward immediately) and arranged for someone to come and sit with the kiddies. I was on auto drive – I wasn’t upset, I wasn’t panicing, but I was empty. In my head it was over.


The drive to the hospital was surreal ,  we were suddenly talking about names and how we would tell the kids etc. Explaining to hubby that a baby of this gestation is birthed was a difficult conversation. As always the hospital were great. We were given a private room immediately and seen very quickly by the gynae doctor.  There was a bit of too and fro about how he wanted to confirm a miscarriage (as he put it).

I wanted a Doppler/scan and he wanted to do an internal. He carried out what was quite a barbaric internal to be honest. But did eventually agree to us seeing a midwife with a Doppler. I’m so pleased we did! There was our baby’s heartbeat, beating away strongly. Because I was still bleeding he admitted me over night and I was scanned the next morning . The baby was perfectly happy and healthy. They could see where the bleed had come from but could not give any reason as to why it occurred, scary but thankfully all fine!

Soon enough our scheduled 20 week scan rolled around. They did a very thorough check on everything given the scare at 17 weeks. Everything looks fine which was a huge relief. Even 3 babies later , every time I lay on a scan bed I hold my breath until I see that heart beating.  We requested to find out what we were having, they told us but didn’t sound so sure.


3d scan


















My 3d scan of our baby

I went on a whim and booked a last minute 3d scan with a local scanning centre PAMS 3D & 4D scanning . She saw us the same day and was truly wonderful! It was a funny experience as Pam actually thought the gender was different to what we had been told at the hospital ,she was 99% sure! Then decided she wanted to understand why they had originally said what they had. Thank goodness she was enquisitive. Pam changed her mind again.  Turns out our little one has their umbilical cord between their legs and so its hiding all of the info! A wee and a few different angles later she was 99.9% sure on her decision and agreed with the original sonographer.


We will be sharing our gender reveal in the next blog, but for now here’s a little 3D photo of our skinny monkey – LOVE!


I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with the gender reveal!


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Guest blog : Pregnancy diary part 3 - 22 weeks pregnant

Guest blog : Pregnancy diary part 3 - 22 weeks pregnant: Week 22 and I've definitely grown. Luckily the dungarees still fit and I've dragged out my old maternity tops too. It feels like time is flying by. We have four months left till the little lady arrives and in some ways that seems a way away and in others it feels like we need to get our skates on to prepare! Nesting has almost certainly commenced. Lounge and kitchen have been spring cleaned and the bedrooms are underway. I should be on first name terms with the ladies at the charity shop!

Our experience at the Sonography School was brilliant. We had two trainees 'surf the bump' which was great. Nothing beats seeing your little one moving around. I love how clear you see the spine and its movements. Plus the skill required in learning to use the equipment is pretty impressive as you have to almost think in 3D to get the right angle on the scanner.


guest blogger Norfolk guest blogger Norfolk










I was lucky enough to win a launch 'like & share' competition for The Barns Beauty Rooms in Sprowston last month and I'd booked my 2hrs of relaxation this week. The facial was dreamy and my skin was in need of some hydration. I then had a soothing massage that completely relaxed me, to the point of feeling wiped out when I got home.  This leads me nicely onto napping! I'm feeling much better now aside from afternoon tiredness. So much so to encourage Jasmine to have a rest we both snooze together. I now feel like a toddler and when I wake, I'm refreshed like a Duracell bunny!






Jasmine has tuned in more to the baby. Her latest thing is pretending she has a baby in her tummy that miraculously pops out every so often. If only! She also likes to blow raspberries on my tummy which she finds hilarious and gets the baby squiggling too! Movements have stepped up a gear and usually happen around 5am or if there's a sudden noise. Which in our household happens quite often.

My husband also can't get over the idea that the baby could be moving in my tummy without me knowing when I'm asleep!  I read somewhere that mums are superheroes and our super power is growing another human. Oh so very true.

Till next time where we may have thought of some baby names and how we're gonna approach this birth.



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Guest blog : Pregnancy diary part 2 Ali Mills - 20 week scan

Guest blog : Pregnancy diary part 2 Ali Mills - 20 week scan - we welcome Ali back for another installment of her pregnancy journey!


What's happened since I last put fingers to keyboard.

I've bought dungarees, started moving more and found out we're having a .... ?


guest blogger scan


Well, first of all let's get priorities straight. I've joined the dungaree club and bought two pairs! Sooo comfy I'm practically living in them. I've managed to kick myself into gear and started yoga with Debbie Bagley, Babyfit at Rowan House Wellbeing Centre. Love it! I've not been able to get to a pregnancy yoga class because of various commitments so my little hour of breathing and stretching on a Tuesday morning is fab. It's been particularly helpful for stabilising my pelvis as I think it's starting to feel the strain. Swimming has been a blessing too. You can't beat that feeling of weightlessness until you have to drag yourself out, then you feel like a sack of potatoes! The main thing is my energy is back thank goodness and I can go a whole day without sitting down for a nap. Tiredness drifts in and out but that happens pregnant or not! Headaches have been uncomfortable and come and go but I think it depends what I'm doing and how hydrated I'm keeping. It's amazing how much growing tiny humans zap out of you, let alone the ones already here!

It's felt like a complete age waiting for our second scan (20 weeks) to come round. Bubs has been kicking  but I want to make sure all is ok, plus not knowing the gender is killing me! So the moment came on Thursday. We had a late appointment just to eek the wait out a bit more. We finally made it and I lay on the bed. Jasmine wasn't particularly impressed with the amount of ultrasound gel the sonographer used, however loved seeing the baby wave and then waved back! It never ceases to amaze me how much detail you see on a scan. The heart pumping away, brain a butterfly shape and the spine moving as the baby moves. Totally mind blowing. My husband can't get his head round the fact I have, in effect, two hearts, two brains, twenty toes etc. Plus he says he's suffering from Couvade syndrome. I'll let you google this one. Makes me chuckle!




Once all the checks were done and measurements made we found out the gender. Drum roll ... we're having another little girl despite me feeling sure it was a boy! Jasmine is over the moon as she wanted a sister. Andy and I are chuffed to bits although I'm contemplating what it'll be like with two girls. He's slightly more relaxed about it as he'll be at work most of the time! It means we're pretty set up for clothes, although I'm still gonna buy that first newborn outfit. Just got to be done.

So, twenty weeks and half way there. It'll be bump growing time now and continuing to keep myself fit and well. Plus I've volunteered to be a bump for the sonography school training so I'll get to see little Miss Mills a bit more. Exciting!