Pregnancy guest blogger 30 week bump


This. Is. Hard. Really hard.  I’ve had two pregnancies previous that have reached this stage (bump is now 30 weeks) and I can hand on heart say this is the hardest one. I’ve LOVED being pregnant before. I have always been that annoying person who doesn’t get sick, who doesn’t get insomnia, doesn’t get much discomfort. Well this time, I can safely say all that has gone out the window.


I hurt. Everywhere from belly button to knees. I have horrendous pregnancy insomnia . Plus a toddler who wakes up a couple of times a night, so I’m awake more overnight than I’m asleep.


I am putting a large proportion of how challenging things are/how much discomfort I’m in down to the fact that I have 2 very lively, very active beautiful kiddies to run around after this time. First pregnancies see the luxury of rest, and even my second pregnancy (because we had such a small age gap) was quite restful as my daughter still napped! This time I’m up against a 4yr old and a 2.5yr old, no wonder I’m knackered!













We had our 28 week midwife check up , o far I’m managing to avoid the dreaded GTT test . For the first time EVER in my pregnancy history my bump measurements are on ‘target’. I’ve always measured big and have had polyhydramnios ,  which has kept me from being able to birth on MLBU. I’m really wishing hard that the stars align for me this time and I get my hypnobirthing waterbirth I’ve longed for since 2013!



My amazing Osteopath has been roped in to try and keep the SPD pain under control (if anyone can help she can) , the home stretch is all about survival for me now! And getting organised. Sorting through old clothes, packing hospital bags, buying the car seat, rebuilding the nursery furniture The list is quite long ! Until next time …



Rach also popped into my studio for her maternity shoot , my style is light and airy and Rach totally rocked this look , dont you think?