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    British Association of Newborn Photographers

     British Association of Newborn Photographers


    I am pleased to announce I have been accepted by the British Association of Newborn Photographers. When I launched my photography business after having Lucas I knew I wanted to capture newborns, I’d taken many photos of him and love looking back and seeing how much he had changed.

    I started off with simple, basic images but admired some of the leading newborn photographers.  I researched into this area and booked some training where I was shown some poses and how to handle babies safely.

     I have since had further training, to me, it’s extremely important to invest in training to push yourself forward and develop, but most of all, to be confident and know how to pose babies correctly and safely.

    Many of the newborn photos you see online are composites, a merge of 2 or more images into one. What you don’t often see is there is a spotter (mum or dad) nearby in case the baby stirs and to ensure the baby is happy and safe.

    Below is an example of a composite. Sometimes the baby’s head,in this case, my Lila needed a bit of support, looking at the final image you wouldn’t necessarily know what steps the photographer (me) took to ensure the babies safety.

    When looking for a newborn photographer it is important to look that they have had training. There are some poses I will not attempt such as the frog pose . I haven’t had the training to undertake this,  and therefore under no circumstances would I attempt it . It also does not fit my style, and again when looking for a Newborn Photographer check out their galleries and see if they produce the images you want on your wall.

     To find a photographer in your area who is approved by the British Association of Newborn Photographers check out their website and look out for their logo too.

    I now only have one slot left for a Newborn photo session in July when i’m back at work. Once you have had your 12 week scan please get in touch if you wish to book a Newborn shoot my price-list can be viewed here.

    I still have a few spaces left for the Baby and Child Portrait Mini Sessions taking place on the 6th July , these are not suitable for newborns but for babies 4 months old plus, they great for toddlers and sibling shoots too!

    Jess xx


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