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    What to look for when booking a newborn baby photographer ⋆

    What to look for when booking a newborn baby photographer, am I the photographer for you?


    I hope this blog gives you the key areas to consider when booking a newborn baby photographer. With so many photographers in Norfolk, it can be a little overwhelming when choosing who will photograph your new baby. I have read some great blogs recently explaining about newborn photography, pricing and the importance of hiring a professional, such as those written by The Baby and Newborn Photographers Association (which I am an PRO Level member of).

    This blog will only briefly touch on some of these pointers, it’s really about seeing if I am the photographer for you, and to help guide you to booking the right photographer whether that is me or someone else.

    Style: One of the first things I advise people is to really look at my work and my galleries, I do not want people to book me as I am the closest photographer to them in Norwich. I want people to book me because they love my style, which is natural, simple, and neutral. I am not a highly posed or prop photographer.

    A lot of photographers rock bright colours, large props and setups. If this is what you would like then I would not book me, and that’s okay! Photography is personal & must suit the family taste.  So parents think of the images you would like on your wall and frame on the mantlepiece, this gives you a great starting point.

    Recommendations: Well over half of my clients come from word of mouth and recommendations. Ask your friends and family to see who they have previously hired to photograph their baby newborn.  Not all photographers find newborn photography is for them. While a photographer might be great at weddings, photographing a baby is very different.

    Also please read the photographers testimonials page, mine can be found by clicking here.  Please look at the newborn baby images on the photographers’ website. And ask yourself does the baby look comfortable and settled? They should be, and this is a good indication that the photographer handles babies safely and calmly.


    Training and safety: Has the photographer had specific newborn training? Newborn photography is a speciality, ideally, the photographer would have invested in training because handling a newborn baby with confidence and care is soooo important. Although I am a Mum of 2 , I felt this did not make me an expert. Nor should anyone else claims they can photograph a newborn baby just by being a parent. It looks easy but actually, it is not, it is an art.


    booking a newborn baby photographer

    How many years of experience do they have? I still regularly undertake training, newborn posing is an art and soothing them is another skill set. Posing them takes time, training and practice. Many people offer free shoots when starting out for their portfolio, I did. We all start somewhere. Another consideration is whether you want a free shoot,  or to invest in a shoot and hire someone who has been doing this for some time. Who has years of experience and has themselves invested in training and works safely. This is my 9th year now, and I feel very confident in handling babies and soothing them to sleep. I no longer do prop poses like below but it shows you what goes on behind an image.


    newborn baby newborn baby

    I no longer use props like this one above i prefer it to be all about your family

    Pricing: This is the most confusing part for parents with so many photographers to choose from, and such vast differences in pricing. I know having a baby is expensive, and people have varying budgets. But saving for the right photographer will be worth it.

    You will have the images for years and years to come, the saying “you get what you pay for ” is very true.  I have had one mum go to a local studio for a ‘free newborn session’ she said it was cold, stressful, rushed and her baby cried the whole time. After the shoot, they got in contact with me.   They booked with me and found the session the exact opposite. It was relaxing and a joy for them to watch me work at their baby’s pace. I am very experienced at handling newborns and photograph on average three a week while I am part-time. This is reflected in my price.

    Am I the right photographer for you? Watch a video of me at work at my youtube channel, check out my images and style do you like the colours and styling I use? Do you like the poses I do, all snug and simple?  Am in your price range?  if so feel free to email me at or use my contact form with any questions.

    Those early days whizz by book someone you feel a connection with their style and trust they are safe and experienced.


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