Norfolk Blogger – Pregnancy diary part 4 : baby names? 2017

Week 24 and its all about baby names! 

In the words of Will Smith ‘Summer, summer, summertime’ or should it be Nellie ‘It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes!’ Don’t worry I’ve not felt that hot yet despite the temperatures soaring these past couples of weeks. Even though us pregnant ones have more blood pumping around our bodies, something like 50% more than pre-pregnancy, I’m lucky I’ve not been affected by the heat. In fact I love it! Ask me again in another 10 weeks and it may be a different story!

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Pelvic girdle pain, on the other hand, is becoming an annoyance. Nothing major and I remember having it very briefly when I carried Jasmine as I joked with my husband saying I had a cracked pelvis. Luckily it only lasted a couple of weeks. This time round I don’t have severe pain just more of a bruised sensation to the left of my pelvis. Self-massage has helped, along with thinking I’m a mermaid and keeping my legs as close together as possible!

I’ve contended with half-term which before Jasmine I really didn’t have a clue about as I had no reason to. That said we’ve had a great time. A trip to the zoo, continuous play, some paddling pool fun oh and role play to the point of feeling that I’m living in a Disney princess world with friends called Belle, Aurora, Tiana and Moana, I think you’ve got the picture.

baby namesbaby names

At the beginning of last week, I had a ‘birth’ moment. Yeah, I’ve done it once already but I still think you should treat it as your first. I don’t want to be complacent and want to do all I can to have a comfortable birthing experience like the first. I’m not kidding myself though that all births are the same. If my pregnancy is anything to go by I definitely need to be prepared. Being a massive advocate of hypnobirthing I’ve booked onto a refresher course in July with Jackie Heffer-Cooke based in Norfolk at The Orange Grove. Having already done the full course I cannot recommend it enough. At the end of the day, we’re made to give birth. Our bodies instinctively know what to do and it’s our mind that needs to work with our body rather than against it. My husband also found it gave him a purpose and how as a couple we could work together during the birth. He also loved the breathing techniques as they helped his sleep no end! I’m sure I’ll talk more about birthing again so I will move on to the important matter of names.

Baby names: Do we go traditional, alternative or unusual? Decisions decisions. If you’ve got any suggestions let me know. Jasmine has come up with baby names Emily, Poppy, Gracie, Maui, and Izzy but I don’t think we’re quite on board with all her suggestions. ‘Maui’ the demigod of Hawaii in Moana, doesn’t feel right for a baby girl! That’s as far as we’ve got with names but I’m sure we’ll toy with more ideas as the pregnancy progresses.

Only 16 weeks left to go! Here’s to another fun packed couple of weeks.

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