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Back to School Mini Sessions

Back to School Mini Sessions:


Back to School Mini Sessions: What is it all about?15 Minute mini-sessions with a blackboard backdrop

Starting preschool or school is a big thing for us parents..... and our little ones who are growing up, too fast!

I wanted to capture my two children this summer in their uniforms, knowing full well their official photos may well be rubbish.  Not down to the photographer but because my two are shy and often pull awkward faces.  After speaking to my other Mummy friends they asked if i can take some photos before the uniform gets messy and knowing I wouldn't rush them.  And so I decided to offer the mini photo shoots. To take the pressure of your child to 'perform' quickly,  I will make it fun, and silly. Getting those big smiles and making the experience fun,  not awkward.


Here is my friends gorgeous girl who usually has a cheeky smile, as you can see by her outdoor shoot last year.

photo proof




Here are some images of my baby girl Lila , and Jack my little model . He helepd me test out my new blackboard backdrop.

mini sessions Norwich  mini sessions Norwich


mini sessions Norwich  mini sessions Norwich mini sessions Norwich


What is included in the packages?

15 Minute studio shoots with a blackboard backdrop. Your child arrives in their school uniform and we keep the shoot relaxed and fun.

After the shoot within 5 days, you will be emailed a proof sheet . From this you can select your image/s.

Once you decide, I will send you a download link to your images and you can print them off for family :)


1) Mini Shoot plus 1 image £25 with print permission
2) Mini shoot plus 2 images £35 with print permission
3) Mini shoot plus 4 images £40 with print permission


How do I book?

email me at or use my contact form , tab above.

I will send you my booking form with my dates and slots to pick, a £10 deposit is required to secure your slot.
Dates: Sunday 23rd August & Friday 28th August 10am-3pm!


Bump shoot

Natural Way Therapies - Hypnosis for childbirth

Natural Way Therapies  -Hypnosis for childbirth in North Norfolk


Hi there I’m Gem Fisher from Natural Way Therapies in North Norfolk, I help parents-to-be use hypnosis for childbirth.  Jess has kindly allowed me to be a guest blogger on her site so I can introduce myself to all you lovely ladies.


I am a Clinical Aromatherapist and I also teach Hypnosis for childbirth, I generally work in North Norfolk around the Holt and Cromer area.  I like to be flexible and work both in therapy rooms around the area or travel to ladies homes.   I love making people happy and it’s really rewarding when I can literally see the stress fall off them as I work with them, it always makes me smile when I come away from giving a treatment just as relaxed as the person receiving it.


I work in a very holistic way taking into consideration my clients life as a whole. I have a special fondness for treating my pregnant clients as I am fully aware of the strain pregnancy can put on the body having had four children myself, the increase in the hormones progesterone and relaxing can make you uncomfortable in your back and pelvis, this can also account for the fluid retention some ladies suffer with, massage can help ease the aches and pains, increase circulation to help relieve fluid retention and increase the suppleness of your skin helping to decrease the risk of stretch marks.
I have been thinking lately I’d like to extend my reach to the Norwich area, I have looked into the possibility of seeing clients at the complementary health clinic, I can offer 1/2 hr neck & shoulder, aromatherapy facials, face & scalp massage, 1 hr full body or even a nice foot and leg massage as a treat.

I charge £20 for a half hour or £40 for the full hour.
If you would like to contact me to book a Hypnosis treatment or discuss any queries you can do so on 07826595011 or email me on or take a look at my website I look forward to speaking to you all soon.


To book a shoot please contact me here.

What are Gymboree classes Norwich like?

What are Gymboree classes Norwich like?

I have been looking for some time, for a class/activity that would be great for my toddlers aged 2 and nearly 4 years old to go together, I saw Gymboree Norwich had added a new family class. That didn't clash with work and preschool. We booked a free trial and my kiddies loved it! Emma was very welcoming and didn't mind when Lucas would randomly run off and lose a bit of focus.  Each week there is a theme and the equipment is moved about so it does not get boring for the children.

They have lots of classes on, at various times and days.  Gymboree is an award-winning and fun-filled class for babies and children from 0-5 years. To read up about them clickgymboree.

It is great fun, once you sign up you can attend any of their 'open gym' sessions which is great, we went twice this half term as their classes run through the holidays - whoop!

This was one of the reasons I signed up, we sometimes get bored in the holidays and the flexibility of being able to attend our class as well as the open gym sessions is perfect especially for rainy days.  The open gym sessions are not structured like the classes, it's a chance to use the soft play area and have free playtime.

As you can see from my snaps below, my two children LOVE IT!





The classes are held at a great building at the back of Nottcutts it is big, clean and full of fun. The only issues I have is my two never want to leave! I have to take them to see the animals at the garden center before we leave.



toddler classes Norwich

Their timetable can be downloaded on their Gymboree website If you undecided about signing up I would recommend signing up to a free taster sesison.


toddler classes Norwich

Jess x

To book a baby or family shoot please feel free to chat to,  me via my contact form. 



Actively Pregnant - Norfolk blogger 

Actively Pregnant - Norfolk blogger

Guest Blog by LauraJamie chats about being actively pregnant.

"Should you be doing that?"
"You need to slow down!"
"You've got an excuse to put your feet up and eat your bodyweight in junk now!"
If I had £1 for every time someone said this to me during my second pregnancy, I'd have had enough pennies to buy the Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 2 ...
The truth is, there is no better time to exercise than whilst you're creating a new life inside of you. Exercise is not dangerous for your baby – there is some evidence that active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and in labour. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not the time to train for a marathon, but a little common sense should tell you that nine months of parking your backside every chance you get isn't going to do you any favours either.
"So what can I do?" I hear you ask. Well, the answer is simply to put one foot in front of the other and continue this pattern of movement for at least an hour every day.
Walking is incredibly underrated considering the benefits are so vast. It involves far less impact than running and thus limiting the chances of sustaining injuries. You'll give your mind a breath of fresh air and it can be done literally anywhere, with anyone, and at any time of day. Even your baby will love it as the gentle movement will often lull them to sleep, allowing them to grow efficiently.
actively pregnant Norfolk - mum showing off bump
For those of you who are already fitness queens, there's no reason why you can't continue your workouts, (yes, that does include lifting weights) throughout your pregnancy as long as there are no concerns or complications and you realise that your goal is now to stay fit and healthy, not to increase your intensity. Speak with your GP if you're worried but always trust your instincts. You'll know when it's time to slow things down but even with that being said, you MUST tell your gym, trainer or class instructor if you're pregnant and plan to continue using their services.
Here are my top tips for exercising when pregnant:
• Don't train on an empty stomach anymore, make sure you fuel up a few hours before with a bowl of porridge and honey or a fruit salad.
• To keep an eye on intensity, don't workout to exhaustion. If you're breathless, you're working too hard so take it down a notch.
• Don't ever ignore a pain, dizzy spell or bad feeling. Stop immediately and take a break, ending the session early if you don't recover properly.
• Drink PLENTY of water to stay well hydrated.
• Consume a post-workout snack or meal including carbs, protein, and fats such as 1 slice of wholegrain toast with 1tbsp natural peanut butter, a banana and almond smoothie or a homemade protein flapjack.
The most important thing you can do is just listen to your body and focus on staying safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy!
For more posts on health, fitness, food, and lifestyle, plus my own post natal fitness journey
pregnayc norfolk
pop by and follow my Facebook page or Instagram account:
I look forward to sharing with you and chatting to all you gorgeous mummies!!
Much love,
LauraJamie ✌🏼️💋"
Look forward to hearing from you 😎


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Baby photographer Norfolk

Jess Wilkins Photographer - Baby Photographer

Jess Wilkins Photographer - Baby Photographer

It is time to make you go all broody with some images from just a few of my newborn sessions in April.

May is set to be very busy - is it another baby boom? Either way i am getting my weekly fix of babies - yeah !

First up little Lottie with her 2 big brothers and they were very smitten and proud. Sibling images are becoming a firm favourite as i know how much they mean to parents .

Baby photographer Norfolk Baby photographer Norfolk Baby photographer Norfolk


Isla came to see me last year as a baby , she is now 10 months and soooo smiley ! She whizzed through her session and showed off her toothy pegs !

Baby photographer Norfolk Baby photographer Norfolk Baby photographer Norfolk

Below is baby Flynn he was 8 weeks old at the shoot, born 10 weeks early . He melted my heart , he was still squishy and sleepy and we breezed though his session. He is coming back for my baby plan , this time i might steal him !

Baby photographer Norfolk Baby photographer Norfolk Baby photographer Norfolk

Another little dude i could have happily kept,  was Leo ! I loved his cool little head of hair , grandma came along too and had her photo taken with him. Many of us reluctant  to be photographed but i always say , its more for your child.

Baby photographer Norfolk Baby photographer Norfolk Baby photographer Norfolk

I am loving all my new blankets and fabrics, I had to replace some that had been well washed from baby poop and wees, its also an excuse I use to go on a prop spending spree. I feel the neutral and natural colours will work so well with a fresh new baby.


I will end this blog with a few FAQs I often get asked:

When should i book the session? Ideally before the baby is here as I work part time I get booked up quite quickly, but after your 20 week, scan or sooner is fine.

Why does a newborn shoot take 2-3 hours? I do not rush, it can take time to get sibling shoots and to then settle a baby into a deep sleep. Along with blankets changes, feeds and nappy changes time soon whizzes by!

How much does the session cost? The newborn session packages start from £275 ,

What training have you had? I have trained with one of the UK’s leading newborn photographers and have been approved by the British Association of Newborn Photographers. I am also fully insured.

My baby is 3 weeks old am I too late to have a newborn session? No not at all, ideally we photograph newborns in the first 14 days because they are still very sleepy and curled up from being in the womb. However, I book newborn shoots up to 4 weeks old. If the baby was premature than the baby can be older, we aim for under 4 weeks as babies are usually still sleepy but also they do change quickly.

Do i need to bring anything like hats etc ? Not really, unless you have anything special to have photographed with your baby. I have hats, headbands here at my studio in Sprowston Norwich.  , I will also send you an info pack when you book which covers what you need to bring.

Are siblings allowed to the shoot? YES! I love capturing families and the love between siblings. I do ask that if possible one parent can take the older siblings out to the park so they do not disturb the sleeping baby. There is no extra cost,  although the majority of the session is dedicated to the newborn baby.

How long do I have to wait to view my gallery / images ? Usually, your gallery link will be sent within a week but no more than 2 weeks.  Please see my full price-list .

for more information or to book a newborn shoot email me at or you can use my contact form.



What to look for when booking a newborn baby photographer

What to look for when booking a newborn baby photographer, am I the photographer for you?

I hope this blog gives you the key areas to consider when booking a newborn baby photographer. With so many photographers in Norfolk, it can be a little overwhelming when choosing who will photograph your new baby. I have read some great blogs recently explaining about newborn photography, pricing and the importance of hiring a professional, such as those written by The Baby and Newborn Photographers Association (which I am an PRO Level member of).

This blog will only briefly touch on some of these pointers, it's really about seeing if I am the photographer for you, and to help guide you to booking the right photographer whether that is me or someone else.

Style: One of the first things I advise people is to really look at my work and my galleries, I do not want people to book me as I am the closest photographer to them in Norwich. I want people to book me because they love my style, which is natural, simple and neutral.

A lot of photographers rock bright colours, large props and setups. If this is what you would like then I would not book me, and that's okay! Photography is personal & must suit the family taste.  So parents think of the images you would like on your wall and frame on the mantlepiece, this gives you a great starting point.

Recommendations: Well over half of my clients come from word of mouth and recommendations. Ask your friends and family to see who they have previously hired to photograph their baby newborn.  Not all photographers find newborn photography is for them. While a photographer might be great at weddings, photographing a baby is very different.

Also please read the photographers testimonials page, mine can be found by clicking here.  Please look at the newborn baby images on the photographers' website. And ask yourself does the baby look comfortable and settled? They should be, and this is a good indication that the photographer handles babies safely and calmly.


Training and safety: Has the photographer had specific newborn training? Newborn photography is a specialty, ideally, the photographer would have invested in training because handling a newborn baby with confidence and care is soooo important. Although I am a Mum of 2 toddlers, I felt this did not make me an expert. Nor should anyone else claims they can photograph a newborn baby just by being a parent. It looks easy but actually, it is not, it is an art.


booking a newborn baby photographer

How many years of experience do they have? I still regularly undertake training, newborn posing is an art and soothing them is another skill set. Posing them takes time, training and practice. Many people offer free shoots when starting out for their portfolio, I did. We all start somewhere. Another consideration is whether you want a free shoot,  or to invest in a shoot and hire someone who has been doing this for some time. Who has years of experience and has themselves invested in training and works safely. This is my 5th year now, and I feel very confident in handling babies and soothing them to sleep.  I am also trained in Pediatric first aid. To find a photographer in your area who is approved by The Baby And Newborn Photographers Association click here.


newborn baby newborn baby


Pricing: This is the most confusing part for parents with so many photographers to choose from, and such vast differences in pricing. I know having a baby is expensive, and people have varying budgets. But saving for the right photographer will be worth it.

You will have the images for years and years to come, the saying "you get what you pay for " is very true.  I have had one mum go to a local studio for a 'free newborn session' she said it was cold, stressful, rushed and her baby cried the whole time. After the shoot, they got in contact with me.   They booked with me and found the session the exact opposite. It was relaxing and a joy for them to watch me work at their baby's pace. I am very experienced at handling newborns, and photograph on average two a week while I am part-time. This is reflected in my price.

Am I the right photographer for you? Watch a video of me at work at my youtube channel, check out my images and style do you like the colours and styling I use? Do you like the poses I do, all snug and simple?  Am in your price range?  if so feel free to email me at or use my contact form with any questions.

Please do not regret booking a newborn shoot whether it is with me or another Norwich photographer, those early days whizz by!


Newborn Photographer - posing babies safely

Newborn Photographer - posing babies safely

I have invested in one-to-one training for my newborn photography, I feel it really has been vital to the business to learn about posing babies safely. Not only does training give you confidence and lots of guidance. It really teaches the skills you to pose babies safely. Although I keep my images simple and natural,  a few poses I set up need a spotter (usually mum or dad) or for them to lightly hold baby's head see the examples below.

I am a member of The Baby And Newborn Photographers Association.

They are a great organisation promoting the awareness of newborn safety during photoshoots.

They educate and empower photographers to work safely with newborn babies. In their directory, you can find local photographers to you. They have written some short blogs on safety too.

You can also find out who trains in newborn photography on their website.

I recently tried a new pose,  of a baby in dads hands. Through my training, I knew that behind the final image was a safely held baby in Daddy's lap as you can see.


safety 3


I rarely use props but I do love this setup, in the final image you cannot see that there is a spotter sitting very close to the toddler in case he suddenly moves. The basket is also weighted down so that it will not topple over.




I, like many photographers, invest heavily in training not just around lighting and photoshop, but how to work with babies safely.  When looking for a baby photographer please look at their images to see if the babies look happy and comfy. Also, ask people for recommendations,  nearly all my bookings come from word of mouth.

Here my promo video of me at work, It is always a  good idea to look at a photographers website and testimonials. I have written a choosing a baby photographer choosing the right newborn photographer for your family and safety is a point I emphasise.


Newborn photography looks easy, but as many of my clients know it is not that simple. It takes time and a lot of patience and safety always comes first!


Jess x

baby sleep on blanket

Pregnancy classes in Norfolk for Mums-to-be 

Pregnancy classes in Norfolk for Mums-to-be

There is no better time to be pregnant!  Norfolk has lots of pregnancy classes on offer, for pregnant Mums-to-be ladies to go along too.


Both times I went to pregnancy yoga with Jackie she now runs Yoga Bumps .  It was very relaxing and my 'me' time. Her website lists locations and times, after that you can sign up to Yogabubs too and spend some relaxing time with your baby.  She co-owns the awesome Orange Grove Clinic who offers pregnancy massage, reflexology and much much more.

pregancy norwich

I was helping a friend look at Pregnancy classes in Norfolk for Mums-to-be and here is what we found.

  • Babyfit: Pregnancy Aqua Fit held Norwich. I love swimming and wish this class was around when I was pregnant.
  • Childbirth Preparation workshops
  • other yoga courses which look great are with Bliss Yoga and Sally Yoga. In fact there are quite a few yoga classes available at different locations across Norfolk.
  • One-to-One pregnancy Pilates if available from Emma of Stay Active Physiotherapy . Read her guest blog here .

pregancy norwich

  • Chloe runs The Daisy Foundation Norwich    offering classes in Movement, education & relaxation  to prepare for an active birth with confidence and information

NCT is very good for providing antenatal courses and making friends. They also now run a Bumps and Babes group. They meet on the first and third Friday of every month, 1:30-3pm at Harford Community Centre, Peterkin Road NR4 6LQ.


If you are in the early stages of pregnancy check out All about Birth and Babies FREE antenatal classes for early pregnancy!  They run classes for later stages of pregnancy too, these ladies are very knowledgeable and friendly, check out Ann's guest blog here.


Pregnancy classes in Norfolk


If you are interested in using slings the Norwich Sling Library can help! They can provide consultations and also have a group that meets regularly.


When you are a bit further on in pregnancy you may like to sign up to hypo-birthing classes at the Orange Grove Clinic, lots of my clients found these classes great for confidence and making friends.


It is always worth seeing what your local sure start center is doing too!


If you provide any Pregnancy classes in Norfolk for Mums-to-be, or groups not listed please drop me a line, also I will be putting together a list of local classes for once baby is here and as they get older!


Jess x


Why not book a bump shoot to find out how to book in contact me!


self care


Loosing the baby weight - Guest blog

Loosing the baby weight - Guest blogger Anna from Buggy Buddies shares her top tips

Getting pregnant, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting aside, loosing weight is one of biggest challenges we can undertake. The task becomes even trickier while endeavouring to nurture a newborn, keep on top of the washing, the housework and daily chores. It seems that feeding ourselves something remotely healthy and exercising suddenly sinks to the bottom of the priority list and as for drinking the recommended 2 litres of water a day, who needs water – its coffee we want and make it a strong one!

We have all heard the ‘Calories in v Calories out’ theory of losing weight and to a certain extent this is still true. We no longer need the extra calories required during pregnancy unless of course, you are breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding you do need to consume an extra 300-500 calories to maintain milk supply.

Reducing calories too much will only result in your metabolism plummeting and after a few days of ‘starvation’ your shrinking fat cells will send out chemical messengers which send you rummaging in the cupboards and fridge for piles and piles of naughty foods.

Not all calories are created equal. There are good and bad calories, healthy and unhealthy calories. Choosing the right calories is simply a matter of choice with an added bit of will power.

Top Tips:

1: Reduce simple carbs (ie sweets, chocolate, white pasta, bread, potatoes) replace with complex carbs and protein (sweet potatoes, nuts, lots of leafy green veg). Aim to eat berries as a fruit choice as their energy is released slower.

2: Eat good fats (avocado, olives, oily fish, nuts/seeds, coconut oil, nut butters), reduce bad fats (transfats/margerines, processed foods, hydrogenated oils, veg oil, sunflower oils)

3. Drink water. Bottled is better but realistically who can afford that. Fill a litre bottle and aim to consume that by lunchtime, refill it and drink the next lot by tea time.

4. Eat 5 times a day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Aim to get a good portion of lean protein in each meal (fish, chicken, turkey, quorn, tofu, nuts). Try to reduce the carb load at breakfast time – eggs and bacon is a better start than carbohydrate packed cereals/breads.

5. EXERCISE: Try and ‘do a bit’ every day, it will not only help raise the metabolism and burn off the body fat but it will enhance mood, raise energy levels, and boost your self esteem.

6. Wait until 6 weeks post natal or 8 wks if you had a c section, before joining a suitable postnatal exercise class and starting a formal exercise routine. Prior to that build up with steady walking and of course do not neglect the pelvic floor exercises. Ensure your class instructor holds a postnatal exercise certificate, checks your tummy for diastasis recti (gap in the tummy muscles) and asks you relevant health questions including any recent births. All of this is covered in my BuggyBuddy Workout Classes where it is my aim to look after all my mums post natal needs.

7. Plan everything in advance. Plan your meals, your snacks, and your workouts. Write it down, put it in your diary, make if you fail to plan you may as well plan to fail!

8. Try to fit activity into your day – walks with your buggy, digging in the garden, playing footy with your kids etc. Be realistic as to when you can fit in your gym sessions and or classes – not many mums can formerly exercise every day.

9. Recruit an exercise buddy. Committing to exercise with a friend means you’ll be less likely to ‘bail’! I renamed my classes Buggy Buddies as that is exactly what we are ‘exercise buddies with buggies’ – we have a great giggle in classes.

10. The best exercise for you is the one you enjoy the most – as long as it raises your heart rate, makes you hot and sweaty and makes you smile it should do the trick. Aim to start your exercise regime where you left off during pregnancy.

Of course failing all of the above you could employ an experienced Personal trainer who can help you set achievable goals and motivate you towards them.

Anna Jakob
Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience in all areas of Fitness and well being. Since having my little boy 3 ½ years ago and setting up Norwich’s Buggy Buddy Workouts I have developed a strong interest in helping postnatal mums regain and improve their pre pregnancy figures.

My classes are held at Bannatynes Health Club in Thorpe St Andrews on Wednesdays and Fridays at 145-245 and are open to everyone – for more information on these classes or any other personal training info please contact me at

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Best pick your own fruit farm in Norwich

Best pick your own fruit farm in Norwich

This morning we ventured to White House Farm in Sprowston , Norwich. We went fruit picking there a lot last year.  They now have a big cafe selling cold drinks, hot drinks oh and cake! but more on that later. My family love going, Lila got to run abut this time, and we saw lots of young children about today, it the best pick your own fruit farm in Norwich very family and child-friendly!


Norwich pick your own farm

We checked their fruit meter online and although the strawberries were low we stocked up on raspberries to make smoothies and lollies with.  I have recently brought a nutribullet  (ITS AMAZING ) to make lots of fruit and veg smoothies. My two kiddies are loving them,  and I can hide all sorts of stuff like kale and kiwi which they are not usually keen on.

fruit picking  3 children 4-2



I try and support local businesses as much as possible,  that's why I am a member of Buy Local Norfolk, i also much prefer the taste of local fruit and veg. The farm sells eggs, jams, local popcorn it recently had a local farmers market which I sadly missed but they have plans to hold some more!


It's a great place to pop too and stock up on fruit and vegetables as they sell stuff already picked if you do not have time too. You can go and meet friends for a cuppa and cake which was delicious, they have changing facilities and toilets.

Today there was a choice of chocolate brownies, Victoria sponge cake, and scones which came with fresh cream and jam. My two children gulped theirs down and my nephew had some local ice-cream Ronaldo's, I had some and it was lovely. White House Farm has a great relaxed atmosphere, the children enjoyed picking the fruit and running about. As soon as the strawberries appear we will be going back again.

Norwich pick your own farm Norwich pick your own farm

I was amazed by how many photos we got of all three cousins especially with my two, but with a belly full of cake and fruit they were quite happy to let me snap away!



The farm is open 6 days a week (closed Mondays) it's always good to check their website and see what their fruitmeter is like just in case there is little fruit to pick! If you go let me know what you think, and if you know of any other 'hidden gems' as I call them in Norfolk, we love getting outdoors and visiting new places!


Fancy a family shoot outdoors if your children prefer being outdoors? Then check please out my new outdoor shoot package or email me to book in.