20 week scan & 3d scan – Rachael my pregnant guest blogger is back.

Guest blog:

Hi everyone! So its been 6 weeks since my last update! How fast has that gone? I’d like to say it’s been a fairly boring stretch. But not so much! Bleeds, scans, 3d scan, hospital admissions, chicken pox & Christmas, just a few things to juggle.


Since my last update we have had the privilege of seeing our little person 3 times on scans. When I was 17 weeks I woke up in the night at about 11pm and genuinely thought I had wet myself.  When I nipped to the bathroom and discovered it was infact blood. My heart jumped into my throat. Given our miscarriage in June I was instantly convinced that our pregnancy had come to an end. I woke up hubby, called medicom (who advised we go and see the Gynae doc on Cley Ward immediately) and arranged for someone to come and sit with the kiddies. I was on auto drive – I wasn’t upset, I wasn’t panicing, but I was empty. In my head it was over.


The drive to the hospital was surreal ,  we were suddenly talking about names and how we would tell the kids etc. Explaining to hubby that a baby of this gestation is birthed was a difficult conversation. As always the hospital were great. We were given a private room immediately and seen very quickly by the gynae doctor.  There was a bit of too and fro about how he wanted to confirm a miscarriage (as he put it).

I wanted a Doppler/scan and he wanted to do an internal. He carried out what was quite a barbaric internal to be honest. But did eventually agree to us seeing a midwife with a Doppler. I’m so pleased we did! There was our baby’s heartbeat, beating away strongly. Because I was still bleeding he admitted me over night and I was scanned the next morning . The baby was perfectly happy and healthy. They could see where the bleed had come from but could not give any reason as to why it occurred, scary but thankfully all fine!

Soon enough our scheduled 20 week scan rolled around. They did a very thorough check on everything given the scare at 17 weeks. Everything looks fine which was a huge relief. Even 3 babies later , every time I lay on a scan bed I hold my breath until I see that heart beating.  We requested to find out what we were having, they told us but didn’t sound so sure.


3d scan


















My 3d scan of our baby

I went on a whim and booked a last minute 3d scan with a local scanning centre PAMS 3D & 4D scanning . She saw us the same day and was truly wonderful! It was a funny experience as Pam actually thought the gender was different to what we had been told at the hospital ,she was 99% sure! Then decided she wanted to understand why they had originally said what they had. Thank goodness she was enquisitive. Pam changed her mind again.  Turns out our little one has their umbilical cord between their legs and so its hiding all of the info! A wee and a few different angles later she was 99.9% sure on her decision and agreed with the original sonographer.


We will be sharing our gender reveal in the next blog, but for now here’s a little 3D photo of our skinny monkey – LOVE!


I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with the gender reveal!


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