9 months pregnant 39 weeks 

I’m officially full term! 39 weeks pregnant, and just 1 week away from my due date!


I feel like now at this stage it really is just a waiting game and baby can come at any time! Which makes me feel so excited but also a bit nervous! I’ve had people tell me second babies come earlier and also some say they went over due with their second so it really is just a waiting game now! Although I really hope baby doesn’t keep us waiting too much longer!

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I had somebody ask me how I am feeling now at this stage; excited, nervous, prepared?! And right now I can say I am definitely feeling excited, I think now everything is ready, hospital bags are all packed ready to go, we have everything ready now at home for babies arrival and I feel so excited to bring baby back home and start our next chapter as a family of four.


I’ve been feeling generally very well in this last trimester, a bit more tired than usual and also heartburn has been pretty awful, but nothing a bit of gaviscon can’t fix!


I’ve also been experiencing the odd Braxton hicks which makes me feel like labour is near, these usually come on in the evening, it’s hard to remember if I had these in my previous pregnancy and how long in advance I was getting them!


I saw my midwife last week and she said baby is in position ready for birth, head is down 3/5 engaged so I’m really thinking it won’t be long now, I never saw myself getting to my due date, I always thought baby was going to come early but maybe I’m wrong! It’s such a strange feeling to think I could literally go into labour at any time, it’s like the fear of the unknown just not knowing exactly when it’s going to happen!

7 months pregnant

I’m really hoping for a similar labour to my first, as I was so lucky to have such a positive experience, but whatever happens as long as baby arrives safely and healthy that’s all that matters!


Something about knowing I have done it before makes it feel less daunting this time around, but at the same time I need to remember that every labour and birth is different so need to be prepared for anything to happen!


I feel like whether I feel ready or not the baby will come in their own time and whenever and however it happens we will have our baby, that thought is pretty incredible so I really need to relax and focus on that, and just ride the rest of this pregnancy however long it lasts!

Maternity leave has been different with a toddler as I remember when I finished work in my first pregnancy and the days before we had Amelia, it was definitely lots of relaxing and daytime naps! But I wouldn’t change it for the world, having this extra time with Amelia before baby comes has been so precious.

9 months pregnant

I’m so excited to watch her become a big sister and can’t wait to see how she will be around the baby, she loves it when we see a baby so I’m hoping she feels the same way about her brother or sister!