Pregnancy diaries – 35/ 36 weeks pregnant bump shoot


First things first the pregnant bump shoot bump shoot. The morning of the shoot was a little hectic. Well, Jasmine was her usual self, playing with her toys while I got myself showered and beautified for the photos. In my usual style I was having a clothing meltdown which was heightened by the fact I’m pregnant. I’m sure some of you can relate. I ended up bundling several items in the car and then dashing out of the drive only to realise I needed petrol. Not only were we running late, I had the moment of ‘oh s**t’ I have no bra on. Not my usual move but necessary to avoid strap marks before the photos. All I can say is thank goodness for pay at the pump! Arriving late, Jess welcomed us in and we had a fabulous time and loved every minute. A relaxed shoot with lots of fun for Jasmine. Thanks Jess. Oh and in pure Bridget Jones style, afterwards I realised that my underwear was back to front!


pregnant bump shoot








later in the week I had a midwife appointment which was slightly manic, mainly because Jasmine just couldn’t keep quiet or still to the point of her toppling over backwards on a little stool. Anyway, iron levels aside, Baby M is tracking a similar size path to Jasmine at this stage and my blood pressure was normal. Oh and we’re engaged head down. A birth plan was mentioned too which I smugly said I’d prepared one and wanted a water birth in the MLBU. With that we were free to go!



Despite having a sore back and experiencing pretty intense cramp in my calf muscle I decided it would be a good idea to get on my bike. Well, I rode Andy’s bike and he was on mine with Jasmine on the back. It wasn’t as if we were tackling a 100 miler but the exercise and fresh air was nice. All 4 miles of it!


Work has been busy which is good but has taken it out of me a bit. Massage can be pretty physically draining. Also with a baby that doesn’t stop moving you get tired quickly. Oh and occupying an almost 3 year old comes with challenges! Growing has also increased, as Baby M is putting on fat. My tummy is getting tight, hello stretch marks 😩 I must say though the foot and back rubs have finally been introduced by Andy. We’ve also been practising breathing and visualisation before bed which really helps get us off to sleep. The only down side is that I wake so many times because my back hurts or I need the loo. Then I have to tackle the millions of pillows tucked between my legs before I can move. Which then means getting back into to bed is impossible! Oh well only 4-5 weeks left until we see Baby M. We are so excited now we just want her here.


bump shoot































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