25 Weeks – Pregnancy yoga in Norfolk 2018


Time to try Pregnancy yoga in Norfolk. Every Wednesday i whip on my ‘over the bump’ leggings and borrow my husbands plain grey t-shirt and head out. I bring a bottle of water with me and snacks, thinking I’ll be working out a sweat. But in reality, I join a group of ladies sitting cross-legged on mats with pillows and blankets and we introduce ourselves and share our experiences so far within our pregnancy. We chat,  discussing birthing techniques and breathing exercises. And then we practice our yoga poses and finish with a treat biscuit. It’s really great to know your not alone with any pain your suffering, and any fears you may have. As in reality only pregnant women know how pregnant women feel, it’s good to have a network, it makes you feel empowered.


I treated myself this week (well partly). For my birthday friends brought me a ‘mum to be’ massage at the ‘Imagine Spa Blofield’, I finally booked it and I decided to add on a facial too. The beautician was great, she discussed my needs and desires, of which I replied… ‘Make me feel brand new!’ and I do! With still slight wrinkles but I look a lot less tired! I can tell the baby loved it too as I felt lovely soft kicks and tumbles under my belly button throughout the whole spa experience. It felt like we had somewhat quality time together where I could really connect, it was beautiful. Such a TREAT! and I felt like a new woman strutting to my car.


Our Nursery is coming together wonderfully, we had 2 plasterers working on the nursery on a very hot sweaty Sunday and we’ve now had it painted a beautiful pale grey which will go great with our new white furniture. Dad to be is now very excitingly beginning his ‘mural’ on the wall above where the cotbed will sit. We decided on ‘old school’ original Winnie The Pooh, consisting of Pooh holding onto a blue balloon floating up into the wavy branches above to find the honey nested around flowing leaves. We’ve loved reading the stories to our little one and I’m sure baby knows our voices as I can feel loving hugs becoming stronger each day.


As with many other baby mumma’s i’m sure we would all agree it’s been lovely to have sunny skies, despite the numerous fans I had scattered throughout my house on every shelf i couldn’t regulate my body temperature with my little bun keeping me toasty. So I’m definitely happier it is cooler as I can sleep better, I feel healthier and I’m back to my perkier self.


I’m now excitingly awaiting our nursery delivery from the amazing ‘BabyPages’ in Necton. They were so knowledgeable on all of their products and didn’t hesitate to answer any ridiculous question i may have conjured up. Top Marks! Fully recommend checking them out if you want a good deal on kitting out your nursery!


Now onto our 28-week appointment…


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