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Keeping children occupied over the Summer holidays can seem an impossible task, especially without costing a small fortune. At Adventures of Adam we aim to create play activities that “don’t cost the earth but will mean the world to your little one.  Here are our top 10 ways to keep summer boredom at bay come rain or shine.


Outdoor Play Ideas

Outside play lends itself to messy or wet play. With more space available it means activities can be on a larger scale.

Summer outside activities for Jess

1. DIY Water Wall – Grab some recycled plastic bottles, a few screws and a hammer to create your own DIY Water Wall. Experiment with different ways to get the water to fall through the bottles. Hours of free fun!

2. Easy To Make Water Bombs – Summer wouldn’t be complete without a water fight. These water bombs are incredibly easy to make and are really effective at holding lots of water. They are cheap too so you can create several.

3.Paint Splat – Place paper in a Tuff Spot or attach it to the pavement and squeeze dots of paint across the paper. Give your little one a fly squatter and get them to splat the paint. It is a great activity to get rid of excess energy and creates a fantastic masterpiece.

4. Ice Cream Play – Summer wouldn’t be Summer without ice cream so why not set up your own ice cream parlour. Use frozen shaving foam, Neapolitan play dough and icing sugar to create a pretend ice cream before decorating it with coconut sprinkles.

5. Animal Balloon Herding – Decorate pink, yellow and white balloons to make them look like pigs, chickens and sheep. Let the animal balloons loose outside and see if your kiddies can herd them into different areas of the garden.


10 ways to keep kiddies occupied over the Summer Holidays – Norwich 

If the weather gets too hot or too wet then bring the play inside. Cabin fever will not set in with these activities though.


Indoor Summer play

1. DIY Car Track – The DIY Car Track busy bag is incredibly easy to make. Cut a rubber door mat into equal sized strips, paint on white lines and you have a car track that can be formed in several ways. car track  for a video tutorial.


2. Make your own Coloured Rain Cloud –  If the Summer weather is as wet as it usually is why not bring a bit of colour to your own rain clouds. Pour water into a clear container and place shaving foam on top. Then squirt small amounts of food colouring onto the shaving foam. Your kiddies will love watching the food colouring seep into the shaving foam and drop into the water.

3. Ways to play with Water Beads –  Water beads, otherwise known as Crystal Soil or Gel Balls, are water retaining gel that florists use to keep cut flowers alive in vases. You soak the crystals in a bowl of water for a few hours or over night and they expand and turn into slippery squishy marbles. Why not create an obstacle course from recycled materials for your little ones to explore the water beads in different ways.

4. Rainbow Shaving Foam Bath Painting –  If you like the idea of painting but hate the thought of clearing up afterwards then why not take the paint into the bathroom. Mix in some shaving foam, add a small roller paint brush and create rainbows in the bath or on the bathroom wall. If you are concerned about the paint staining add a small drop of washing up liquid to the paint. Cleaning up is easy  – simply turn on the shower to wash the paint away.

5. Fybogel Slime – This DIY slime is sure to keep your kiddies occupied over the summer – plus it is easy to make. Simply heat sachets of Fybogel (constipation medication available from pharmacies) with water and then wait for it to cool. Why not add a variety of small objects to the Fybogel slime. Our favourite is Alphabet Slime!


For further play activities check out Adventures of Adam. We have plenty more outdoor play ideas to keep little ones occupied and over. There certainly is something for everyone!


thanks Emma for your 10 ways to keep kiddies occupied over the Summer Holidays – Norwich blogger Adventures of Adam

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